Thursday, October 28, 2010

$20 Credit to spend as you wish WAS credited to me ! IDEA!



 If you still have your $20 credit you may want to consider this  CUISINART, REEBOK and a few other boutiques opened today, be quick for the items that are the best deals! :)  CUISINART IS SELLING OUT RATHER QUICKLYnothing FREE but there are some really good mark down items if you have a $20 credit you will get a STEAL


I GOT MY $20 CREDIT  (deal is now expired) if you signed up you should have your $20 credit within 48 hours of sign up thru the given link

THIS SITE DOES CONTINUE TO HAVE A DEAL where if you invite friends you can earn $10 Credit when they buy something so INVITE YOUR FRIENDS so you can earn more credits. Post your buy on your facebook wall, email or blog so others may become interested




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