Thursday, April 8, 2010

More MOVIE deals! Disney Scanvenger Hunt

if you are not a member please let me know cuz I can refer 10 people for 200 bonus points

There have been lots of CODES floating around the internet that I have been hesitant to share I am glad I didn't! There are many FROZEN / BLOCKED accounts right now due to the use of "unauthorized" codes. I personally did not use any of them so my account is open and valid and I was able to participate in the scavenger hunt to get 100 more points. I only have 700 total because all of the ones that I have accumulated have been valid. you can get points by buying disney products/movies, signing up for their newsletter, doing surveys, updating profile and even sending in your disney movie ticket stubs. I have done all. I am not sure if everyone's scavenger hunt results are the same or not so use at your own risk.
here are my results
Online – 25 points
Wildflower – 20 points
Partners – 15 points
Popular – 10 points
Green – 30 points

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Anonymous said...

I think the issue people had with the Disney Rewards was that they did not check their accounts to see if they had previously entered one of the free newsletter or free FB codes. It was the fact that they tried to enter several codes again after they've already used them that got them blocked. That's what I understand from what Disney posted. I wasn't one of those people thankfully although they all did get their accounts back up....I always check my past code history BEFORE I enter a code. I have gotten lots of free codes and have lots of points. Even though we've cashed out for a few things we still have 1175 points left! Moral of the story....check before you enter folks!