Monday, April 12, 2010


Food Lion had a $10 off $50 ONE DAY ONLY (sunday) coupon in the paper yesterday and a little birdie let me know that we can expect "more of the same" actually this is what was said on facebook!

"there will be a coupon in the next 5 Sunday papers. Also, starting next Sunday if you spend $25 four Sundays in a row AND save the coupon it generates, you will get a $10 gift card" WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO

I am looking forward to it! I have $4 off 2 healthy choice already loaded from my cell phone to my MVP card (sign up for mobile alerts and get free cereal too here) esp. after my good fortune this week here is what I bought and how it all racked up:

5 boxes of Special K cereal (MVP and REGISTER REBATE) *thanx fern for the heads up!
Silk Pur Almond Milk (free coupon via CATALINA **see previous blog post)
2 - D'gno Pizza w/ breadsticks (MVP + coupons **thanx to my freelancing friend SHELLY)
Coffeemate 16 oz
2- Heleva Good French Onion Dip (free coupons via FACEBOOK)
Nabisco Crackers (free coupon via FACEBOOK)
Oreos (FREE coupon via FACEBOOK)
Ranch dressing (MVP)
Honey Djon Dressing (MVP)
Cascade ($2 off coupon via internet)
Reese Pieces (FREE coupon via internet)
Vitamin Water (FREE coupon via FACEBOOK)

TOTAL BEFORE DEDUCTIONS WAS $66.01 my cost $15.53 on my credit card
which of course is a card that gives you "credit" or points

THIS WAS A STOCKPILING TRIP INITIATED by the one day only coupon that was in the paper, I was having a cookout and microwave installed so ............ normally I would not have gone at all today but how can you turn down FREE $10 to go Stock up?

TO SIGN UP FOR MY FACEBOOK ALERTS I have now started a "FAN PAGE" once I get 1000 members I will be giving away a $50 GC for groceries !
GO HERE its a new page I am starting, even if you are my FRIEND on facebook now you will need to go to this new page, EVERYONE CAN JOIN!

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