Friday, April 9, 2010

Food Lion Shopping for the MONTH!

Almost all of my blog readers know that I budget a big $40 a week to feed anywhere from 2 to 6 people depending on the day and who is home or not home. There are a couple of exceptions to this rule: when I have a party, thanksgiving and / or unexpected bring a dish for the school etc etc. I usually go "below" the $40 a week and on "avg" it is just 3 of us now, but we love to eat and love to eat well so ............ maybe the equiv. of some of you cooking for 4-6 daily LOL!

I have posted many shopping trips here on the blog as well as approximate menus. to find them search my blog for "savvy shopping" and / or "menu" and you should get most of the recent posts.

If you have been following me on FB you know I went on an extended vacation and had someone house-sitting , so needless to say my budget while out of town for my home was ZERO and the person at my house has/had no concept of budget or creative cooking so it was RESTOCKING time when I got back!

So I went to FOOD LION and bought a long list of items..... the best deals were
FREE box of "simply living" cereal from loading the coupon to my MVP card via a TEXT MESSAGE (gotta luv it) IT IS STILL AVAILABLE HERE
and the Catalina machine (red box that spits out coupons when you shop at food lion) gave me a coupon for an ABSOLUTELY FREE 32 oz carton of SILK ALMOND MILK (probably triggered by me purchasing the same "BLUE DIAMOND" brand.

My out of pocket cost was (are you ready for this?) $182.81 this seems like an absolute FORTUNE for me to spend at one time at the grocery store........... but considering the circumstances I guess it isn't. This is for $396 worth of groceries........... for the "normal" person who isn't SAVVY SHOPPING......... but normally my % of savings is much much greater. I will be only shopping for FREE or ALMOST free items the remainder of APRIL and will be back to my normal shopping in May.

here is my shopping list, I will star the best deals that you can duplicate easily I am not listing everything individually but you will get the "idea"

2- Multi Grain Bread
Bunch of Bananas
Mini vanilla wafers
bunch of cilantro
***Simple Living Cinnamon Cereal $3.25 free with mvp sign up above
**** 3 - MARI BANANA CHIPS reg. $3.99 MVP 99cents a bag
Several types of Deli Cheese
Several types of Deli Meat
****Cedar Garlic Hummas $1.49 closeout price
****KAME Red Curry $1.64 closeout price
LOTS of fresh produce
Dole Pineapple Juice
Minute Maid Orange Juice
Goya Coconut Cream
Flour and corn tortillias
Several bags of Dried Beans
Peel & Eat Shrimp
Beef Liver
5- Chobani Greek Yogurt
Smithfield Ham spiral brown sugar glaze
huge pack of ground beef
ground pork
Several household cleaners (bathroom , toilet, windex etc)
Paper Plates
10 cans of FL brand tomatoes / different varieties all MVP
Knox Nutra Joint $10
Corned Beef Brisket
Holly Farms Roaster
Chicken Breasts
Chicken Wings
Blue Diamond Almond Milk

WE ALREADY HAVE HAD A HUGE HAM last night ............. I do post "dinner tonight" posts on Facebook frequently so stay tuned to see what I will do with this list of items as I creatively cook ......... for $40 a week or less!

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