Friday, April 30, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS! $4 total after discounts

I buy these for my area and usually the area I plan on vacationing in!
there are many b1g1 free offers for restaurants not to mention
other coupons, discounts and more. I have always gotten my money's worth with the use of 1 or 2 coupons and have used many many many more than that! I am going to buy my first one (home) here on this deal and see if I can get another deal on my vacation one! (will post that when I find/do!)
and sign up (must be NEW member) for $5 instant bonus in your account search for ENTERTAINMENT in the search field
place order for $15 w/ free S&H (mine usually costs $35)
will get $6 rebate thru this CASH BACK program + $5 for being a new memberthis will be a total of $11 in your account once everything is "approved" because you will have more than $10 in your account they will send you your money
I choose PAYPAL for payment.

1 comment: said...

if you auto sign for next year (reg. price) not charged but rec've without requesting you can save an additional $5 on this book , making it a MONEY MAKING DEAL of $1

coupons usually don't expire until Nov. of the same year.