Friday, April 9, 2010

$40+ in FREE GASOLINE! yes! for you and your Sig. Other too
#1 GO HERE SIGN UP HERE first this is a college savings site (several options for saving) this offer is for SITE MEMBERS and has a dedicated code for instant $5 in your account USE CODE ELM3 when signing up ****thanks to freelancer, PIEMAMA for the heads up!

sign up for SPEED PASS and activate online to receive this great offer. Be sure you use the site sponsored promo code UPM10
THE RULES SAY..........Maximum one $20 ExxonMobil gift card per new account. Allow a minimum of 90 days to receive your $20 ExxonMobil gift card. Offer expires May 5th, 2010.
this tells me that you and your significant other CAN each do one if you have separate accounts!

#3 NOW link your SPEED PASS to your COLLEGE SAVINGS ACCOUNT and earn an additional 1¢ per gallon when you buy 20 gallons or more in a calendar month.


musiclady said...

What is Speed Pass? Why do I have to pay for it? THX said...

you don't
free sign up

piemomma said...

You can get $5 in your account or Gift card with code: ELM3 when you sign up at upromise