Saturday, March 6, 2010


Cleaned up some PILES today..........for some frugal doings which lead to an impromptu shopping trip so at least a "few" of the good deals wouldn't expire.  Its sometimes is hard to let them go by (even when you are FULL from stockpiling) especially when you are gong to MAKE money by taking items out of the store.  

I was taking a picture of this weeks "loot" for facebook  One of my great "in person" friends was filling out some freebies from just my facebook postings and commented once after a few weeks that he had not rec'vd ANY of the freebies he signed up for.  (You know how when you first start  it seems like you never are going to get anything?) I started taking pictures of my "pile" or "loot" that I accumulated in a weeks time to show him, "YES VIRGINIA there is a Santa Claus"!  

I made a few boxes to send "out" to others, that I cannot use.  Freelancing friends are generous and send me things they cannot use, I in turn REGIFT them when I can't use , either to a business, organization, person, friend, freecycle, expired to military etc etc............ I saw several things I needed to DO NOW or would go to waste, that no one would be able to use........ so I grabbed my keys and headed out of the door.   

After coupons, rebates, discounts and extra care bucks I got all that you see and will come out $5+ richer after all is said and done.  Many of the items you see will be used in next weeks menus and other things will be gifted, crafted, shared or consumed. Cool eh? 

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