Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nothing says Warm Weather like............. Anjie's Ice Tea

ICED TEA! and I my family is a fan! This is my TEA cabinet in which I put my "special" tea that is bought, gifted and free samples into.....I have a variety as you can see. I don't drink Hot Tea but I sure love ICED TEA when the weather "breaks." I learned to make ICED TEA "THE RIGHT WAY" in New Orleans. Growing up my mother made INSTANT with LEMON (bleck.......... bleck bleck) I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when I tasted the REAL THING.

There is NO comparison. In the Grocery store I like to buy LIPTON, TETLEY & LUZIANNE and buy them when on sale and if possible when I have a coupon. I also buy Tea on Line.
I buy a variety of types but this is what I put together this time.............

For lent, I decided to give up SUGAR among other "white" things LOL .................and whoever heard of SWEETENED ICED TEA without the SUGAR? This pitcher of tea was made without anyone in the house, do you think they noticed? NOPE they drank the tea in a DAY and said "when ya gonna make more?"

I had gotten (you prob. did too) a 4 pack of Lipton Green Tea Samples in the snail mail that was in my tea cabinet. I paired that with some MELON TEA that I ordered from
if you are newbie to the site you can sign up for a $5 GC below............ ***MAKE SURE TO USE A RELIABLE EMAIL OR YOU MAY NOT GET THIS (I recommend a gmail address)
they have GREAT SAMPLES in tins of loose tea and more..........

If you are making an order, make sure to update to include your birthday (see icon on bottom of page) to get a FREE sample of your ZODIAC tea included with your order. I ordered some new sample tins this a.m. but unfortunately they were out of banana and pineapple (so that wilol be a future order) I did get tropical, coconut and cucumber tho! :) doing the happy dance THE SAMPLE PACK will be more than enuff for the recipe below
it is $2 shipping is $3.95 you can get 3 samples shipped for $4.95 with the GC and the tins are great and reusable! :)


4 bags of Lipton Green Tea
1.5 TBL of MELON TEA (loose)

USE A COFFEE FILTER in your COFFEE MAKER and put the tea bags and loose tea into it.
Measure 8 cups of water and pour into coffee maker reserve. Measure out Honey and put in the coffee caraffe. Brew as you would coffee and immediately stir with a wooden spoon to dissolve all granules. Let this sit for about 15 minutes to "brew" Put Ice in 2 quart pitcher put a dash or two of the real lemon onto the ice. Squirt (to taste) the agave. pour tea over the flavored ice and stir until dissolved. TASTE TEST it to make sure sweetened or tart to your liking. IF NOT add a bit more agave or true lemon. Mine turned out perfect the first time! :) POUR OVER ICE IN MASON JAR this is very important, it tastes better this way! :)

TRUE LEMON SAMPLES STILL AVAILABLE: (please mention that ANJIE the frugal freelancer sent ya) GO HERE
you can also sign up to be a PRODUCT tester, I have gotten some FULL SIZED freebies for this! Freelancebyu and subbers were chosen as a SUPER FAN for this site a while back ! what a great company! (sample pack is enuff for my recipe above, once you try it you will love it so print a coupon while you are there to buy more!)

you can go here to enter a contest and wait for BANNER AD on the RIGHT to fully load to get your free sample if you missed it the last time I posted it to get yours! it comes in a 4 pack (enuff for my recipe above)

HONEY / AGAVE **** not your "average sweetners****
Blue Agave HERE

Sucanat I bought this I think? at Trader Joes, or another natural food store , I found it HERE much cheaper PER POUND

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