Saturday, March 6, 2010

In the Kitchen : Recipe Book and Sandwich Thins

Here is one of my newest additions to my cookbook collection the kitchen , sitting beside a couple of recent snail mail freebies (adkins carb counter, recipe cards,  and olympics commemorative stamps)  I am going through piles of paperwork and trying to make sure everything has a "home" and is put in its proper place or gifted , shared etc.

RECIPE BOOK can be purchased HERE search for item 0705342964  my particular one is this same one except mine happens to be blue (it was gifted to me and I love it) but ya know I also really love this red one too! :)  now............I love the book its quality and I am working to transfer some of my favorites into this book from my head and clippings of the tried and true + what ever I feel you guys request the most! :)

One of my GREAT recent freebies was the opportunity to do a house party for sandwich thins.  Not only are the houseparties a great way to have fun, make friends and try new things but often they inspire you to do other things as well.  One of the goodies from the house party was recipe cards to set out so that your guests could take preprinted recipe cards and also write down recipes they were interested in.   I had some leftover cards so they ended up in my "pile" of things to do something with.   (TO SEE PICS OF THE PARTY GO HERE I do believe you will be able to see them?)

I share my "dinners" from time to time on FB with my friends and networking buddies.  I am often asked for the recipes of the meals that I mention or take photos of.  I have started writing them down (many of them are in my head only) and adding them to a book, once I collect enuff of your requested recipes maybe I will make one of those "do it yourself" cookbooks.......for ya .most of the work and photography will already be done!  The houseparty provided $1 off coupons for future purchases and they were on sale at food lion for $2.50 what a deal!

DINNER:   sesame ginger turkey smothered with melted smoked gouda, served on multigrain sandwich thins, garnished with fresh spinach, onions, frenchs brown mustard and onion/pepper relish. Side of sweet potato chips and a big ole ray of sunshine 

REMEMBER I shop for $40 a week or less.....and I think I eat like a queen!

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