Thursday, March 18, 2010

Frugal Doings this Week..............

Nothing Like bringing the sunshine indoors! LUV my daffodils
that come up faithfully every year to tell me "Spring is Here!"
This is a view of my St. Patty's Day table.....with GDAS from previous years all around! :)

I bought lots of little "hatchlings" :) at Lowes over the weekend
to save some major $$ on the salads we will be eating up until we plant our summer garden. This is the first year that we have planted cool weather "crops" and I even bought a few things in that I have never heard of of the salad greens is called "butter" something or another ? anything buttery has got to be good , right?

When the DH planted the garden ...........he was tilling in the composted items that we put in there EVERY YEAR, this is FREE FERTILIZER! We water from the lake so we get extra "minerals" and such from there FREE too! Note the FREEBIE shirt from SCOTT we had last year, you prob. have one too!

SURPRISE we got volunteer spring onions! FREE onions came up from the garden! We are having these tonight with our Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches! yummmmmmmmmmmmm

3/17 was FREE chicken nugget day at our local CHICK FIL A
if you are local (and / or a facebook friend of mine) you read about this event and maybe even went out and got some yourself? Faith and I went so we got 2 freebies, One was her dinner last night and the other was LUNCH BOX packing! :)
can you say FREE LUNCH? didn't even pay tax!

SAY CHEESE! I paid 76cents for 12 bags of cheese and a 4 pack of yogurt! how? FOOD LION has shredded cheese 2/$5
and there was a coupon "thinggy" with pull out coupons for b1g1f at our food lion. When you bought 5+ you automatically saved $5 at the register ......... or $2.88 for 6 bags (MVP CARD)
I got a free coupon for the yogurt when buying the first 6. I saw the LONG expiration date on the cheese and decided to stop at the next food lion to get 6 more + yogurt on the way to pick up faith (no extra gas money spent) TOTAL OUT OF POCKET was $5.76

SEE THE FORM ON THE LEFT? the one with the SHAMROCK on it?
that is a form from GUINESS BEER, I found it on a display in my food lion. it is a MEAT OR CHEESE rebate for $5 on the purchase of $5.01+ of meat or CHEESE! Send in the rec'ts and get $5 back ...........
so the total for the CHEESE AND YOGURT out of pocket is on ly 76cents when all is said and done!

The other form you see in the pic is $6 rebate on Fresh or Frozen Seafood
(must pay $10+ in seafood to get rebate from Bud Light/Lime) I was able to get 2 free packages of Frozen Talapia from an online offer we did a while back on Facebook. SEACUISINE............. my husband and I both did it , it was 1 per person / facebook account and limited to first "so many" sign ups. While I was at Kroger picking this up I also picked up 3 bottles of my favorite hard to find VINO on sale and 2 packages of yellow rice from mahatma (99cents -50cents coupon /doubled = free) I paid $56.61 for 2 packages of talapia , 2 pk. of rice and 3 bottles of my favorite wine (reg. $22 a bottle) and will be getting back $6 on the purchase! $50.61 total

My budget is usually $40 a week and If you check the weeks prior to this one you will see that I was under for most of the month and stockpiled in many areas. Normally I do not count alcohol or wine in my budget but this time , with little to buy this week I was able to wrap it ALL IN ONE and STAY UNDER BUDGET for the month! woooooooohoooooooo
oh yea , did I mention we will be using lots of cheese in the future? LOL

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