Saturday, March 6, 2010

Free "Gifting" playing "elf" and ideas for Raok

One of the wonderful things about "freebies" and being a SAVINGS SPECIALIST or ELF is that you can frequently participate in RAOK (randome acts of kindness) without puttin you in the poor house.  You can share and help others even in you thought you couldn't afford to do so.  One RAOK was done for me this week.  One of my local friends put together the little garden you see in the top shelf of my kitchen window..... it is ADORABLE!  She also told me how to take care of it and hopefully it will be BEAUTIFUL as it grows....I tend to over water the cacti family plants so wish me luck! :)

If you looked closely in the LOOT pic I posted on previous post  you wil see a couple of "gifted" to me items. Envie from Sherry and Goodie box from Allison.  I frequently get goodies from other freelancers that cannot use things (everything from sunday paper coupons to items that were saved from the dump) to regift to others that may can use them.    I love this and often bring  or ship those smiles across the miles....... I have shipped literally all over the country, donated & supported people and organizations locally and globally.  It is a blessing to be able to do you see I come from VERY humble beginnings. 

here you see several things..... A contest waiting to happen with tornados free coupons and shirts (stay tuned for more info) 

a box being packed to share, coupons, samples and notecards all getting ready to be regifted to others.  These boxes will go out to someone with a note to pass along what they cannot use with others,  or PAY IT FORWARD

Special Occasions.  this year for Kelly's 22nd bday , the DH and I were able to get her tickets to see the BEP , 2 of them .  She and a friend went to see them live and had a ball.  I was lucky enuff to also get in on .....this $7 shirt GDA from LiveNation shortly after the contest so I bought 3 of them .... one for her and one for her to share with her buddies,  I was able to use PAYPAL which is basically funded with FREE money from my multi sources of income!

MAGAZINES.....i get a plethora of free & almost free magazines. I have gifted them, upcycled them into bows, donated them, brought them to  offices and even freecycled them.  this hearty stack of magazines is going to my local tanning salon.  The NEED them desparately.........  I just have to take my name off them and they will be ready to be shared.  WHAT AN EASY & CHEAP way to spread a smile! :)

There are all kinds of ways to be KIND.  Most of the time it only takes a few minutes and /or little money to make a person smile or change their mood or even help them make ends meet.  I try to spread the wealth as far as I can.   JOIN ME in my quest and practice RAOK every chance you may make a new friend in the process! :) 

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