Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fishful thinking and Teens

Middle Schoolers are "fishful thinking" with their chedder Goldfish by Pepperidge Farms!

My stepdaughter, Faith is the "center" of attention in the pic and at lunch with the goldfish that were recently shared with them due to my applying for the Ambassador program that I shared the opportunity with you back in September. I hope you signed up?


I dont know about your middleschooler but ours is often too busy socializing to worry about eating at all , much less something that is 1/2 way good for her..... 

Several weeks before I rec'vd the big box of lunchtime/ snack sized goldfish,  I was sent the brochures and nutritional information sheets .   I asked my stepdaughter, Faith, to share the goldfish with her friends and to lmk what their reaction was.  They sent me this picture in the gym to "show me!"    Next they want to know what flavor I am going to let them try next! :)   They promise to document their .......... I don't think this group is shy at all , do you ?

There is something for Everyone on the sites.......Nutrition, products, health, information, ideas, coupons etc etc......

For kids aged 6-13 there is a Fishful Thinking contest HERE that you can enter 1x per day

You can FAN the fishful thinking program and find out more about the opportunities if you sign up for the newsletter and/or facebook page

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