Tuesday, March 9, 2010

$40 a Week Food Menu / Shopping list

Food Lion Shopping today for my weekly $40 and under "main trip"
as you can see I filled in the blanks again this week for way under $40


This week I shopped at Food Lion (and will be going out again this week)...and yes we met our budget , stockpiled and will eat well again this week for under $40! this is feeding 3 of us, but could easily feed 4, you will note that many weeks my "shopping list" is extremely long and other weeks very short........one would think "why do you need all of that?" or "how can you make a weeks worth of groceries with that?" once you are a bonafide "freelancer" it will become very clear how this works.......... for now
it may be a bit confusing if you are a newbie. BE PATIENT YOU CAN DO THIS!

ANJIE NOTE: I budget about $40 a week to feed my family. It must be noted that I am a BIG stockpiler of items, buy thru many different venues and use what I have by cooking creatively. I supplement my week of groceries by going out to eat 1x per week and ordering pizza at least every other week........... I do not have to do this because I usually have plenty I could eat at home, but I choose to do this and do that with coupons and gc as well when possible.

What I bought:
20 oz pepsi max (always treat myself to a soda/coffee etc while I shop)
2 - bounce dry cleaning sheets (these were on closeout, great price)
Palmolive dish liquid (close out price)
Tilapia Fish Fillets (3 lbs)
Coffee Mate - french vanilla
Breyers inspiration yogurt
Folgers gourmet
2- Sandwich thins
2 - Kashi Go Lean Crunch
Digiorno frozen Cheese Pizza
Comet Powder Scrub lavender
TOTAL SAVINGS $54.76 (coupons / catalina / mvp)

MENU (ideas, usually don't stick to it exactly........remember I have been doing this for literally YEARS so I always have a huge stockpile to work within from free and almost free items) I am actually going out of town this week so SAT & SUNDAY will not happen but I am putting there for you to get the "idea" of how I use items on hand/in freezer etc to make meals happen PLEASE FEEL FREE to compare my menus and dinners to past menus or others that post theirs, I cook pretty healthy and a variety of dishes too LAST WEEKS MENU

Breakfasts: oatmeal, grits, cereal, pop tarts, rice krispee treats, toast, biscuits, yogurt, fruit (canned and frozen), smoothies, breakfast bars**we eat breakfast usually "on the go" during the week and 1 cooked breakfast over the weekend
Lunch: left overs, oodles of noodles, soups, crackers sandwiches, salad etc I pack lunches for faith & sometimes butch and I eat at home.
Beverages: water, juice, soda, wine, koolaid, lemonade, coffee, TEA
Desserts / snacks: ice cream, cookies, chips, peanuts, peanut butter, crackers, candy bars, zingers, rice krispee treats

Monday: Mexican feast: mexican corn, rice, quesidillia, fajita etc
Tuesday: OUT TO EAT
Wednesday: grilled talapia, corn salsa, green beans
Thursday: Veggie Night: veggie medley with rice
Friday: Frozen food night: Tornados, Pizza, other frozen snacks
Saturday : OUT TO EAT (going to a play)
Sunday: SEAFOOD night with hushpuppies and onion rings

***photo credit: www.neworleansmagnets.com

***as you can see many items listed in menu are NOT what I bought this week. That is because I also do a PANTRY CHALLENGE as to not let the items I have stockpiled go to waste.

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