Friday, February 5, 2010


It all began, earlier in the season.............when the Saints beat the Patriots......... gave them a "whooping" as some would say. The Patriot Dynasty fell to the team once known as the "aints." Well the AINTS AINT AINTS NO MORE! :) Its NFL history in the making and quite possibly the most exciting super bowl EVER!
The game will be in Miami but the players will be representing
Indianapolis and New Orleans.

I am a Long Time Saints fan. Have been ever since I worked in the Superdome, selling Nacho's at age 15. They were the "AINTS" back then and grocery stores couldn't keep paper bags in stock, as people wanted them to decorate and wear over their faces, still wearing SAINTS GEAR but ..............not revealing "who dat" they were.

Now days, the Saints are "America's Team" the underdogs, the survivors of katrina and the fans are out (without the bags) and stores are selling out of Saints Gear, Jerseys , Fleur De Lis , you name it, the Saints are a money making entity for their city and the NFL at large. Many people are getting in on the action and using their skills to market items to the newly formed and LARGE fan base.

With Mardi Gras Right around the corner, king cakes are being made (business as usual) but now you can buy them in the colors of the SAINTS (black and gold) ****thanks to my GF, VICKI who so graciously sent me one to enjoy this weekend!

The Game is just around the corner and you know me, gotta try to get some FRUGAL game plan going for SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!

All of the sudden people were asking me for IDEAS on what to serve to represent New Orleans at their Super Bowl parties. I wrote a brief blog post (not frugal in nature) just to put out there what it is that people eat (besides seafood) when they are at home here. Many people that I know personally that live in New Orleans wont be cooking at all , but rather be in various establishments to celebrate locally with their friends, on balconies in the quarter.

What do you need to have a Great Superbowl Game, FRUGALLY you ask? hmmmmmmmm
well , I may need to look to WALMART may have the answers you are looking for! Can you believe it? they have made it SUPER SIMPLE to plan your party with a "slider" for how many guests you are expecting, they have even provided some print out party games!

TELEVISIONS: it is imparative to have a working television , and electricity to view the game! Many houses put televisions all over the house, so you don't miss a thing! Right now Walmart has all of their HI DEF TVS AT GREAT PRICES AND FREE SHIPPING! GO HERE to check out the great selection of BRAND NAMES and NO COST S&H! They also have some great deals on installation if you need that!

FOOD: Walmart has come up with a SUPERBOWL PACK that feeds 8 (its a no brainer just pick it up) for $44whats in this pack? one package of Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, one package of Johnsonville Bratwursts, two packages of Great Value Hot Dog Buns, two boxes of T.G.I Friday’s Frozen Appetizers, one Hormel Supreme Party Tray, a 12″ Chocolate Chunk cookie and two boxes of Nabisco Wheat Thins or Triscuit Crackers
you get a variety of goodies , something for everyone & its EASY FARE to fix and clean up.

NOW ............... you want to win a WALMART GIFT CARD ? check this out.......
you can put together your OWN SUPERBOWL PARTY MENU or get one of theirs, the $50 gc
is enough to even cover the tax!

1. comment below telling me your best money saving tip or recipe for SUPERBOWL PARTIES
you have until FEB 10th to get your entry in. I will need to contact you so you may NOT enter anonomously, so leave your email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner.
You may enter more than one idea but each idea must be a separate and completely different idea.

2. EXTRA ENTRY can be earned by going HERE and telling me the best product, idea , recipe or bargain you found at WALMART'S GAME TIME PAGE !


“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Walmart. In addition, I received a Walmart gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate and one to offer as a giveaway.”


Susan said...

We do a potluck party. Everyone brings something. No one person has the burden of the total expense. Then we all watch and of course will be rooting for "who dat".....the Saints! GEAUX SAINTS!

Anonymous said...

One of my fav recipes is that classic ham rollups. pickled asparagus, cream cheese rolled up in a slice of ham. I also love the hot artichoke dip with the tortilla chips. Thanks for the chance to win the GC.

Susan said...

I have a great dip recipe that is very inexpensive to make. It is basically the Texas Caviar.
2 or 3 cans black eyed peas drained
1 can Rotel tomatoes with green chilis
1 can Rotel tomatoes with lime juice and cilantro
1 large onion chopped
Minced garlic to taste
Can add some chopped jalapenos for more spice
Salt and pepper
Add enough Italian Dressing to coat well. Refrigerate for a few hours for flavors to marry and then serve with Tortilla chips while you root for the SAINTS!

Drum Stick said...

Our kids have school the next day, as do some of my friends kids. We don't invite people over as they would NEVA go to bed. :) So my friends and I all make party food, but then split it up that afternoon. That way we have a "buffet", but I'm not doing all the work.

Susan said...

I went to the Walmart Game Time Page and found the recipe for the Brownie Footballs.

I'm finishing up a cake decorating class I've been taking and think I'll try out my stuff on these little football brownies. I think they would look great decorated with little gold and black Fleur de Lis.

hmsclmom said...

We also do a potluck party! This year's game means a lot to us here in "Vandal Nation" as we have 2 former University of Idaho football players on the Saints team.


StockpilesRus said...

Walmart has fantastic prices on Nabisco crackers right now, we'll be havin' those with green onion balls & crockpot bbq'ed wienies.
I agree --- our who dat voting goes for the saints :)

smdrm said...

My tip for saving money regarding Super Bowl Parties is the same as for saving money all the time - combine coupons and sales, always having your coupons with you when you shop for those unexpected bargains.

kg4rmt at arrl dot net

frugalhsmom said...

we always make chili cheese dip. one small block of velveeta with a can of no bean chili heated and served with frito scoops!

smdrm said...

Another party tip is to only provide one or two "budget" drinks such as lemonade or iced tea. Let the guests bring their own alcohol. Everyone is trying to save money these days.

kg4rmt at arrl dot net

smdrm said...

One of my favorite recipes for parties is to just take 16 oz. of sour cream and mix it with onion soup mix and serve with Ruffles.

kg4rmt at arrl dot net

Renee B. said...

We always get the lil smokies when they're on sale, and use a coupon...I put them in a crock pot and we eat them all day.
Geaux Saints!

Christy, the Notable Blogger said...

I like to make brownies in the shape of footballs. It's a sort of hat tip for my 4yo son, the only boy out of six children. This year I'm mixing in a can of pureed black beans to counteract the sugar. I know he'll love 'em, but I hope my hubby doesn't notice. ;)

Christy, the Notable Blogger said...

I am really tempted by those nachos Wal-mart shared. I seriously think I'm going to make those, because, seriously, it's not that hard. BUT I'm also going to use a lot of their tips in the healthier game day fare section. Many of them we already do ourselves, but I believe I will try the carrot cake, since I have 25 pounds of carrots in my frig. Whoa. I know, that's a lot of orange.

I can't believe people don't actually read your emails. You are my gift-buying guru. Know that someone out there is checking out all the offers! THANK YOU!!!

lastnerve said...

We usually supply the meat and have the guests bring the chips, dip and all the drinks. It does save more money than you realize that way.

Val Pearson

lastnerve said...

I love the football brownies

val Pearson

Sherry and Gena said...

Home canned salsa from the previous year's garden adn tortillas go a logggggggggg way and help fill people up before the 'main event'!

Wendy Leal said...

I make an enchilada casserole in the crock pot that is pretty inexpensive and goes a long way. Everyone requests it every super bowl.

1 package Corn Tortillas
2 pounds of hamburger
2 large cans of Enchilada Sauce
1 can chopped green chilis
1 teaspoon ground or whole cumin
Galic powder, pepper and salt to taste.
1 lb cheddar cheese cubed or shredded.

Brown hamburger in skillet, drain fat. Add enchilada sauce, cumin, green chilis, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Mix all together and put a layer of sauce mix in the bottom of the slow cooker. Put a layer of corn tortillas and top with cubed or shredded cheese. Repeat layers.

Since the meat is already cooked this does not need to take long in the crock pot. Adjust the heat and time as needed just so the cheese melts and the tortillas are softened. said...

we also do potluck, with the smoked sausages and bbq sauce, my sister makes red rice, I usually make a salad, finger sandwiches, chips, and dip made from mild salsa and sour cream, we are always full and work it off by cheering for the SAINTS!!

Ann M

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love spinach dip. The recipe on the Knorr soup packet is the best! Happy SuperBowl!!

mjmoens said...

Make guaq from my avacado tree.


wendy said...

Right now Walmart has avocados for 88 cents each. Great price. We love guacamole and usually serve it with pork rinds or celery sticks because we are low carbing and chips aren't on the plan!

Go Colts! Sorry bout that, but I'm a Hoosier! :)

Hellot said...

One of my favorite recipes to make is to take one small block of cream cheese and spread it over a plate or platter. Next spread cocktail sauce (as much as you desire) over the cream cheese. Cover the sauce with a can of shrimp or cooked cocktail shrimp. You can top with chopped black olives, chopped peppers and then sprinkle with shredded chedder cheese. Eat with crackers or chips.

~Kathy~ said...

We always have lil smokies which I get at Sam's Club. You get a big package for a really reasonable price. My sauce is whatever BBQ sauce is cheapest with some grape jelly and mustard. I also make a cheese ball with cream cheese, jalapenos, lemon juice, Worcestershire, and shredded cheddar cheese, all walmart brands of course. My guests bring chips, crackers, and drinks of their choice. I make lemonade and tea.

It'll be interesting this year since I have one son that's a Saints fan, and one that's an Indy

Hellot said...

I am going to try the bacon and cheese toasts recipe I found on the game time page. They look easy and tasty.

Anonymous said...

Gotta have Crunchy Corn Dip-easy to make and oh, so great to eat!

2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, at room temperature
2 packages ranch dressing mix
2 (2.25 ounce) cans chopped ripe olives
1 (4.5 ounce) can chopped green chilies
1 (11 ounce) can corn, drained
1 red bell pepper, chopped

Mix all incredients together & chill 1 to 2 hours. Serve with tortilla or corn chips. Yield--10 to 12 servings.

May substitute Green Giant Mexicorn and a green bell pepper for the corn and red bell pepper.


TennTreeFrog said...

I made my own t-shirt to wear in support of the Saints using iron on transfers and a t-shirt I got a great deal on at Walmart. I asked the most Frugal Frugalista I know for menu ideas and used coupons and took advantage of Walmart's price matching policy to get ingredients and snacks for the game. While we were at Walmart, we got crepe paper streamers and dried beans to make pom poms and noise makers with the kids to cheer during the game!

Anonymous said...

Great and easy recipe!!


1 lb. Jimmy Dean sausage
1 (8oz) pkg cream cheese
2 cans crescent rolls

Brown sausage like hamburger meat (drain).
While preparing sausage, soften cream cheese in microwave for 15 seconds.

Unpack the rolls.

Use 1 roll as the bottom crust.
Press together to make a crust.

Mix sausage and cream cheese together. Spread mixture onto a bottom crust.

Use the second can of rolls to make a top layer crust.

Bake at 325°F until golden brown. Cut into squarely shaped pieces.

Serve hot or cold.

Angie Tackett said...

I think the easiest way to save BIG money at a Superbowl party (or really any party) is to have everyone bring something to drink. Alcohol, wine, mixers, soda, juices, etc can cost a fortune!! Having everyone bring a beverage lets the host make a better selection of food and snacks b/c they didn't blow the budget on drinks.

herblady said...

The best money-saving tip I can give is don't make monetary wagers over the game! If you want to make a bet with someone, do it for a free snow-shoveling, lawn-mowing or whatever is of good value. Keep the party about having fun & you won't lose your grocery money!

herblady said...

I like all of the different popcorn toppings that Walmart has listed. We eat a lot of popcorn so I can use their ideas year-round.

Julie said...

I pull out all my coupons for snack foods and pop, and look for all the sales to match them. My favorite recipe is for caprese "salad", which is really baguette slices, brushed with olive oil, tomato slice, fresh mozz., and fresh basil leaf. Brush again with olive oil. Sprinkle on a little salt and broil.

Melissa said...

My favorite recipe to make is Chili Cheese Dip (not the name of it, but it consists of cream cheese, hormel canned chili, and shredded chese). My favorite recipe on the Walmart site is the Chipper Chili! Looks Yummy! :)

Anonymous said...

We love tortillas wrapped with a blend of cream cheese and salsa. Yum!

Laurie mcknight said...

we also do a potluck,but stick to a mexican theme. I do 2 chilies. One meatless and one with hamburg or stew beef if its on sale.The chikli works with everything. Its put on nachos, on hot dogs, eaten alone. Since i live in maine I know im suppose to be a pats fan, But Im a Titans Im in the outs every year with everyone. This year we are rooting for the saints though!!!!

shellnrich said...

Chips, dip, soda, etc at Walmart with coupons...they have awesome prices right now. Once you throw in some coupons you have some cheap eats.

Anonymous said...

My money saver is to provide the beer, and let everyone else bring the food! Simple and stress free! Love the service you provide to us all! Keep it up!

Shelly said...

My best deal this year...we were going to order pizza from a local pizza place for the game but I was in the local grocery store and found DiGiorno pizzas on sale for 3.99 and I had 2 $1 off coupons--so I got 2 pizzas for under $6, got a store brand bag of salad for .99, make my own dressing with olive oil and vinegar and we have dinner...and leftovers for breakfast or lunch tomorrow. YAY for saving money! Would have spent $45 for 2 pizzas and a salad at the local pizza place!
mvanslyke at gmail dot com

ky2here said...

We love to make as much as possible in advance to enjoy company that day. 7 layer dip is filling and inexpensive - especially if you make our own guacamole. There is a powdered guacamole dip mix that is pretty darn good - you just add avocado (and I add fresh lemon juice so I don't get busted for trying to make people think I made it from scratch. Icebox cookies and 'white trash' (chex mix, white chocolate, peanuts, raisins etc...) is always a big hit.

Sherry and Gena said...

I love the Wings recipes on the WM game page!!


wendy said...

I really like the customizable Super Bowl party shopping list on the Game Time page. So easy to print out and take to the store with you.

Jenndiggy said...

Buy as much as you can using coupons and rebates. I've seen several rebate forms for any brand of frozen pizza or chips, nothing more to buy. (Usually $6 back on $10, limited states, but my state is one of them!) :)

Certainly helps the budget!

Jenndiggy said...

The game time bingo is really neat. :)

jenndiggy at gmail dot com

musiclady said...

SO simple- I just bought a really yummy DiGiorno pizza about 2 weeks ago at Kroger, on sale with a $1 coupon. Much easier and cheaper than ordering one and just as good. I NEVA shop without coupons!

Sandebear said...

I liked Walmart's Potluck party. It had a lot of thrifty and easy ways to have a gfreat party! Yea Saints! Sandy

Anonymous said...

We made homemade potato soup and pigs in a blanket. The pigs were actually free. Winn Dixie had a special, 2 Red Baron pizzas for 11.98 then they gave you a package of cocktail sausages, a gallon of Edys ice cream, a 2 liter coke and a box of Tyson anytiyzers. Very good deal!
Maggie Porter

LV said...

I like to do a potluck and BYOB with us providing the mixers. You get a great assortment and don't have to spend much by anyone.

LV said...

I like the suggestions for dressing up frozen pizzas. This is great for entertaining as you can have a big assortment and less-than basics, without a lot of cost, but since I can't eat pizza because i'm a celiac, I was drawn to the Chicken & Mango Nachos. they look tasty and interesting, fast and easy. I'm going to try them.. even if it is the day after the game!

Ashley Moore said...

My family loves the meatballs. Take on jar of Chili sauce combined with a can of cranberry sauce add meatballs. VOILA! So easy yet so yummy! BTW I am so glad the Saints won!

Ashley said...

I checked the game website and found the yummy looking chili cheese snackers. My family loves chili so this would be a big hit with them. I would leave off the onions because my small children would not eat it with that on there.

liz said...

Our frugal tip for game day is to go to my parents' house! :)

When we got was leftover pizza, chinese and spaghetti! Didn't make anything cause my husband wasn't feeling well...

I'm not usually a football fan - never understood the game so not much funt o watch...but this year, I husband taught me some stuff and I really liked it! I was pulling for the Saints...and lo and behold! lol

Thanks for all you do anjie!!! said...
chose # 47
this is "LV" or Lisa V
who I am waiting for mailing address now!

thanks for all that entered!
more contests coming up soon!
stay tuned!