Thursday, February 25, 2010


Another one of my multi-streams of income is rewards sites. These are sites that reward you with MONEY via Paypal that I often use. There are some others but I personally have not used them and/or had some negative experience or read bad reviews on them. The programs I have listed below are legitimate and I have had success using them, been paid without issue and have continued to use them. there are other programs that reward you in Gift Cards, points and more, I will get to those in a separate post!
for now, sign up and have fun with these!

MAKE A SEPARATE EMAIL ACCOUNT for your online shopping
****I use gmail ********* this keeps your SPAM/ MARKETING/ADS out of your regular email box you may want to call it something like

#2 REGISTER that same email in your PAYPAL account . If you don't have a paypal account make one

Sign up for the following sites where you can earn CASH by either viewing ads, rec'ving rebates or doing surveys, ALL of these pay via paypal option

**** I do this EVERY DAY and when there are ads available
I do them, yesterday I made 7cents (every penny counts) I have the application at the bottom of this page for your convenience, when you check this blog you can scroll down and check your status daily! its a great reminder! ***PAYS WEEKLY

REBATE SITE HERE****(ebates)****I use this site for various online shopping opportunities I do post when I use them, and deals match up with them for your convenience NEWBIES get a $5 credit with their first purchase , this site sends via paypal QUARTERLY when you reach a threshold WALGREENS will give you CASH BACK when you shop thru this site. THIS PARTICULAR DEAL IS FREE.......... if you are ordering MORE than your freebie you will want to GO THRU THIS LINK FIRST

REBATE SITE: HERE**(mr. rebate)**I use this site for online shopping NEWBIES get a $5 credit , this site sends your money via paypal MONTHLY but you have to REQUEST PAYMENT each month

REBATE SITE HERE *****I use this site when I shop EBAY

CASH CRATE ***I do surveys here, you can do 2 every 24 hours! Threshold is $20
and you are paid at end of following month

Another Rebate SITE HERE you can also use this rebate/cash back site, I tend to use the first ones I mentioned but sometimes the deals are sweeter here AND they have a $5 cash bonus for newbies too, which was the reason I started using them to begin with! :)

REBATE CASH BACK SITE: HERE ****THIS COMPANY PAYS BY CHECK but this is my newest company to sign up with. I have rec'vd a check from them once but they do mail monthly after hitting a $20 threshold and THEY DO have the $5 for new account feature . I am hopeful they will be doing paypal for payment option in the future****

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