Monday, February 22, 2010

$40 a Week Food Menu / Shopping list

ANJIE NOTE: I budget about $40 a week to feed my family. It must be noted that I am a BIG stockpiler of items, buy thru many different venues and use what I have by cooking creatively. I supplement my week of groceries by going out to eat 1x per week and ordering pizza at least every other week........... I do not have to do this because I usually have plenty I could eat at home, but I choose to do this and do that with coupons and gc as well when possible.

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This week I shopped at Food Lion ...and yes we met our budget , stockpiled and will eat well again this week for under $40! this is feeding 3 of us, but could easily feed 4, you will note that many weeks my "shopping list" is exremely long and other weeks very would think "why do you need all of that?" or "how can you make a weeks worth of groceries with that?" once you are a bonafide "freelancer" it will become very clear how this works.......... for now
it may be a bit confusing if you are a newbie. BE PATIENT YOU CAN DO THIS!

MENU (ideas, usually don't stick to it exactly........remember I have been doing this for literally YEARS so I always have a huge stockpile to work within from free and almost free items) I am actually going out of town this week so SAT & SUNDAY will not happen but I am putting there for you to get the "idea" of how I use items on hand/in freezer etc to make meals happen

*premium wild bird food (gotta feed the critters too)
* (2) Int'l Delight Coffee Creamers
*Pepito Corn Tortillias 30 ct
*Lg. Bag of shoepeg corn
*Lg. Bag of Broccoli florets
*(3)Blue Bunny Ice Cream 1/2 gallon
*Blue Agave Sweetner
*5 Grain Natural unsweetened Dry Cereal Mix (like Granola)
* (2) Portabella Mushroom Containers
*Pork Country Style Ribs (99c lb)

Breakfasts: oatmeal, grits, cereal, toast, biscuits, yogurt, fruit (canned and fresh), smoothies, breakfast bars & poptarts **we eat breakfast usually "on the go" during the week and 1 cooked breakfast over the weekend
Lunch: left overs, oodles of noodles, soups, frozen pizza, Salmon Salad, crackers sandwiches, salad etc I pack lunches for faith & sometimes butch and I eat at home.
Beverages: juice, soda, wine, fuze, koolaid, lemonade, coffee
Desserts / snacks: ice cream, cookies, chips, peanuts, cheese, peppers, crackers, brownies

Monday: bbq pork ribs, broccoli, applesauce and biscuits
Tuesday: dinner out or pizza
Wednesday: pulled pork bbq w/ cole slaw and chips
Thursday: broccoli chicken wild rice casserole , sauteed mushrooms
Friday: spinach / mushroom quiche / fresh fruit and rolls
Saturday: Night Out or pizza
Sunday: Ham, sweet potatoes, green beans

***as you can see many items listed in menu are NOT what I bought this week. That is because I am trying to do a PANTRY CHALLENGE as to not let the items I have stockpiled go to waste. I cleaned out the upstairs pantry today and had to throw some items out, this DOES NOT make me happy........ so I am busy trying to use up what I have.

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