Friday, February 5, 2010

$10 off ANY ORDER ! just in time for "heart" day


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Anonymous said...

Hi Anjie, its Fern from Powhatan. We like chips and different kinds of dip for Super Bowl Sunday. I bought the fixins for homemade salsa. A can of peeled tomatoes, minced garlic in water, peppercini, fresh cilantro, onion, and a little sugar. We like mild salsa with a touch of sweet. This recipe is easy to make with a food processor, chopper or even in your blender. Start with chopping the tomatoe up and pour into a bowl. Leave a small amount of tomato in the chopper and ad garlic, peppercini, and onion. Blend well and add to the tomatoes. This is the type of recipe that you dump it in, stir it, and taste. If it doesn't taste right or isn't spicy enough, add some more fixins. Then tear up some cilantro to taste and a pinch of sugar and you set to go. This is cheap and great tasting. Eat with your favorite tortillas or corn chips. I save coupons for a few weeks to buy these fixins and I watch the flyers. Kroger had some great deals last week right before the snow and I already have everything on hand for this week!