Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yesterday , my fellow freelancing friend picked me up and took me out to CVS! I haven't been in a while and was thrilled to get out with Tommi, as it had been a while since we had some GF time! We went to CVS and took advantage of the following deals:
  • buy $20 in Pepsi products (to include sobe life water, tostitos etc) get back $10 in ECB
  • buy Cottenelle TP 20 pack for $12.99 (use the $10 ECB from first deal) get back $4 in ECB and print out coupon HERE to save additional 50cents
  • 75% off make up items specially marked with green sticker (I bought lots to replace the old / aged items in my make up kit)
  • B1G1 Free Bioluxe Shampoo and Conditioner $9.99 with FULL REBATE tag on it! get 2 free!
  • I also picked up some gourmet chocolates on the clearance rack for the DH for HEART DAY as well as a couple of $5 hair products marked 90% off (50cents)
This was Tommi's 2nd trip in and she actually MADE money buying a trunk load of items after her rebate! HIGH FIVE TOMMI and she also stocked up on FREE 6 packs of SOY JOY bars (limit 6 per person) she did one and rolled it 6 times. No one in my house likes soy joy so I left them for someone else to take! :) I did get the FREE after ECB throat soothers (january offer) to send to my Grandkids though!

NEXT STOP was FOOD LION, tommi had to pick up a few things there and I wandered the store and was LUCKY enough to find a display of SNAPPLE, buy a 6 pack and get a FULL REFUND! Oh yea babe, Tommi and I quickly gathered the DIET PEACH TEA and a form and smiled walking out of that door! gotta luv living lavishly for less right? Now I have some rebate forms to fill out and will use my free postage from QUAD services to send them in today. DO NOT DELAY on sending your rebates in, you will often FORGET / LOSE them if you do!

I had to go BACK OUT later in the day and went to WALGREENS to pick up my free WET ONES from previous post sale priced 2/$4 and had 2 / $1.50 off coupons AND a register reward of $1 prints out for future purchase! I struck GOLD on the clearance rack and got a HUGE BAG FULL of High Quality Salon conditioners and mousse for pennies on the dollar
$1.79 - $3.79 for items that normally cost 3-6 times as much. (too many too list) nexxus, joico, etc

ENJOY and go get your SAVVY SHOPPING done while there is plenty left!

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