Thursday, January 7, 2010


HAVE YOUR SIGNED UP YET? got my check from HERE yesterday! my check was for $30 total....... sign up and stay tuned for me to tell you to sign in and shop for GDAS, while you are at it, refer your friends too, when they shop you earn a kick back (1 time only for this site)

so I am rolling it over with the deal on the blender/food processor (below on this blog) I am combining the check I got with a GC that I rec'vd from here for doing daily searches (2 of them) equaling $10 and another that I have for doing a blog post for $20 from HERE this will make this cost OUT OF POCKET $2.99 shipped and I will be getting a $20 mail in rebate!

EARNING GC FOR BLOGGING: THERE IS NO MAGIC TRICK TO DOING THIS! you can do it too! SET UP A BLOG (FREE) here on blogger for starters and pick a subject to write about. A popular subject is "MOMS" the blog people seem to like MOM BLOGGERS......... it doesn't matter: stay at home, working moms, etc etc.... start posting and wait for an email invitation to apply for writing a blog.

EARNING GC FOR SEARCHING: I do this EVERYDAY..........and usually earn SOMETHING for my time (see list on LEFT of this blog) and sign up for all of the search to wins. Log in everyday and search search neva know when it ill pay off

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