Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NEW Carpet Frugally?

CARPET was our CHRISTMAS PRESENT to each other this year - we did not exchange gifts, not even a stocking, so this was a savings to be applied towards this big purchase! I searched and searched the sales, closeouts , coupons, incentives etc and still could not beat the price & guarantee that Lowes gave us!

The BEST and MOST FRUGAL way to install new carpet is to get remnants and have them installed by someone you know........... or as a barter...........both of these options were not available to us #1 due to the size of our rooms /stairs and #2 because we don't know anyone locally who would do this frugally for us AND guarantee the work. Lowes is AWESOME about standing behind their product and the last carpet I had installed 15 years ago by them is what I am replacing and still have in some rooms!

this week started off with a "holiday" from work and school at our house we scheduled a team of carpet layers to come in and install our carpetfor 3 rooms + stairs at our house! we were considered a "big job" because they had to move furniture and the rooms were not "small." The real work began
the Sat. before............ WE had to clear the floor of the small things and the knick-knacks etc all had to be moved as well!
we filled more than 10 med. size totes/bins and still could have used a couple more. We stored them in Kelly's old room and now plan on going thru them 1 at a time until we have them unloaded and can move a bed in there, whew, that was a lot of work.........

The new carpet looks great (below is our game room/den and our bedroom) we also had the stairs and sunroom/dining area done as well. Everything looks so clean ..........and uncluttered with it all put away. We are going to have a yardsale in the spring.......with what we don't put back out! Will blog about that later! :)

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