Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MAKE $ losing weight! MUST sign up today 1/20/10 to qualify!

GO HERE for sign up and further information

The BMI Challenge pays up to $1000 to users who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of at least 30 at the start of the challenge, and who have a healthy BMI (under 25) on the date of the end of the challenge (December 30, 2010). To qualify for the reward, consumers must check in with our website at least once per week and follow a few rules. Sign up before January 20, 2010 to participate in our BMI Challenge!

It’s pretty simple. You must start with a BMI of at least 30, and you must have a BMI of less than 25 on December 30, 2010. You must complete the weekly weigh-in each week in 2010 (you can take two weeks off) and have your physician complete our online doctor verification (your vitals must have been measured at the doctor’s office by February 28, 2010, and your doctor must complete the online verification no later than April 15, 2010).

What does it mean to Supersize my HealthyWage?
HealthyWage allows you to enhance your motivation by putting your own cash at risk when you enroll---SuperSizing your HealthyWage reward amount. If you invest $300, your reward amount will be $1000. If you invest $150, your reward amount will be $400. (If you don't invest anything, your reward amount will be $100.) Studies suggest that you are more likely to achieve a goal if you put your own money at risk, for two reasons: (1) you don't want to lose your money; and, (2) you're excited about earning a larger reward.

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