Friday, January 29, 2010

Frugal & HOT LIPS in 3 Days .....muahhhhhhhhhh

Winter is here and Valentines Day is know what that means don't you?
Dry skin, dry chapped lips and .............wait a minute, we want HOT LIPS for HEART DAY don't we? Dry chapped lips are unacceptable! What do we do?

Face it, Lips are sexy...........Lips are Lucious and we want our Lips to be HOT for Valentines day!

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All of the Stars from HOT LIPS herself to JULIA ROBERTS have the perfect kissable lips ! YEAR ROUND? How can that be?

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UNHEALTHY LIPS .............

  • Dehydration: Feel dry and tight
  • Rough Texture: Rough and scale easily
  • Diminished Tone: Natural hue appears faded
  • Hydration: Feel moisturized and supple
  • Even Texture: Feel soft and smooth
  • Healthy Tone: Natural hue

ENTER NESOPORIN.............. and the 3 day challenge!

#1 Get your SavingsCoupon HERE
we don't want to pay full price, you don't have to wait for your coupon, you just make sure your printer is turned on. You can use the back button and "refresh" and print 2 - which is the limit per computer / person. These are HIGH VALUE $3 off any Neosporin product coupon!

RIGHT NOW thru 1/31 WALGREENS has them 2/$8
use the coupons and get back $3 in Register Rewards
for your purchase, yep thats right.......... :)

#3 TAKE THE CHALLENGE..............


This is just one of the results photos you can find on their website

My experience, (check out those yea I have some lips, no botox for me) ............ I have lips that "stick out" pouty full sized lips that are like magnets to the wind and cold. They chap, peel, flake, etc probably easier than the "average lips!"
I NEED the "good stuff!" Lipstick furthers my problems (usually) so I tend to stay away from it , except on special occasions. But I love a gloss, a medication or a tingly experience and I especially need them "in shape" for Valentines day. Its a kissability factor! who wants to kiss a "snake?"

Mom Central and Neoporin asked me to take the 3 day challenge! I used the day and night formula as needed during the day and one last time before going to sleep. I don't know about how they LOOKED after day one, but they felt like a MILLION BUCKS! Sparkly, full moist and soft. OH YEA BABE and it didn't cost a MILLION BUCKS as a matter of fact RIGHT NOW you can get a deal (see step 2) and have some GREAT LIPS in time for HEART DAY!

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After 3 Days of using the NEOSPORIN DAY AND NIGHT FORMULAS I have to say .......... I went and bought MORE to make sure I had enough to at least last me through the WINTER SEASON! NO MORE SNAKE LIKE LIPS FOR ME! ...........

Thanks Mom Central and Neosporin! I have the Kissability factor down pat for this HEART DAY!

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"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Neosporin and received a sample of the Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy and the Lip Health Daily Hydration Therapy to facilitate my review and a $20 thank-you gift certificate."

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