Thursday, January 21, 2010

AARP ? worth it? YES ! free travel kit w/ you join

The DH couldn't wait until he was old enough to join AARP......... funny huh a Friend of his was getting discounts when he traveled / hotels / meals and such and he thought it was GREAT! I always thought it wasn't worth it, that you could get just as good of a deal or better if you searched around. I think we were both right. You don't always have time to search around and/or you may want to travel when there are no great deals going?

My DH has used the card several times since we joined (AT A HIGHTER COST and NO SPOUSE MEMBERSHIP BTW) and it has paid for itself! We have gotten the money back AND more discounts than I thought. You also get a magazine in the mail with some interesting and relevant information. The deal now is as follows:

Join AARP now and get a FREE Travel Kit. For less than $2 a month you will receive all of these great benefits:

GO Here to Get Started

  • Prescription Discounts & Information
  • Insurance Programs & Resources
  • Retirement Assistance
  • Bi-Monthly AARP Magazine
  • PLUS: Free Membership for Your Spouse

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