Wednesday, January 20, 2010

$40 week food shopping / menu (CVS /FOOD LION)

This week I shopped at Food Lion and CVS for food.......and yes we met our budget , stockpiled and will eat well again this week for about $40! this is feeding 3 of us, but could easily feed 4

CVS listed under Shopping Savvy post below included
Pepsi/Mountain Dew/Tostitos/Stacy's Chips and Sobe Water
for $20 out of pocket and $10 cash back .........2x total out of pocket was $20
after the $10 credits towards toilet paper, make up etc

FOOD LION included
Peach Tea Snapple 6 pack FREE after rebate
Beef Liver
Tyson Chicken Breast
Sandwich thins 100% whole wheat
2 packs of reduced chicken wings
FL Cheddar cheese
Hanover Kidney beans
3 cans of diced tomatoes
Barilla thin spaghetti

***last week I was "under" the $40 a week total allowed budget so the overage of $3.50 is quite OK.............I forgive myself! :)

MENU (ideas, usually don't stick to it exactly........remember I have been doing this for literally YEARS so I always have a huge stockpile to work within from free and almost free items)

Breakfasts: oatmeal, grits, cereal, toast, biscuits, yogurt, oranges, smoothies
breakfast bars
Lunch: left overs, oodles of noodles, soups, lean cuisine, sandwiches, salad etc
Beverages: snapple, juice, soda, wine, fuze, koolaid
Desserts / snacks: ice cream, sorbet, cookies, chips, peanuts, cheese, peppers, crackers

Monday: Open faced turkey sandwiches, salad and wine
Tuesday: dinner out (allowed 1x per week) mexican
Wednesday: Spaghetti & brushetta
Thursday: Soup & Salad or left over Spaghetti
Friday: ***this week its my bday so I think we maybe going out..........
Saturday: Chili and tostitos
Sunday: Chicken Wings & Nachos

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