Tuesday, January 12, 2010

100% of your money back + rebate too? YEP!

Make money buying these office /school supplies   WHILE SUPPLIES LAST or exp. 1/16I have NOT gotten my battery reward card from staples yet, so I am out of pocketing this order as well  DONT FORGET to use a CREDIT CARD that rewards too , this will make a triple play deal!  :)

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search for STAPLES  item #781936  the zebra pen 5 pack is $3.99  (ships to store for free) get all of your $$ back via staples rewards and 2% back on the rebate site

item # 831594 for binder clips (40 pack) $3.39 with 100% of your money back plus 2% rebate

item # 815197  6 pack of legal pads of paper $7.99 getting all of your money back and 2% rebate

item # 394053 #10 envelopes ,  $7.99 with 100% money back rewards plus 2% rebate  


item # 744100 50 pack of manilla folders  $8 100% + rebate back

item # 761342  6 pack of bankers boxes $9.99 100% + rebate back

item #815198  6 pack of preforated writing pad $7.99 100% + rebate back

the PAPER was OUT OF STOCK (both types) so I did not have enough to qualify for free S&H,  this was $10 for my order so I found a few items that I needed to fill the under $17 difference to make it $50!

NEXT go back to orig. site GO HERE  search for OFFICE MAX

item #21403152 $34.99 for a ream of paper that you get back $35 in MAX PERK REWARDS (free sign up)

item#10000722  SHARPIES $5.99 (black fine point) limit 3

item #21092826 

envelopes (enter contests and send in rebates in these!)  limit 3

$64.93 will buy you a case of paper and 3 boxes of envies and 3 packs of sharpies you get a % back / points on your credit card + 3 % back on your one check in addition you will get 100% back in max perks rewards


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