Sunday, December 20, 2009

SOAR ! with ME RA KOH photography (free photo tips/ideas)

Most of you know my passion is photography............ I would love to have the opportunity to go back to school to be "schooled" in the digital photography world. I am an "old school" girl of film. I loved playing in the dark room years ago and had a full time job with Olan Mills and Richmond Camera. I also did some freelance, Sports Photography, for a local newspaper, The Powhatan Today for 15 years (mostly for the fun of it, it didn't pay much). Since that time, the times have changed and I have had to reteach myself and save for some newer equipment. I have been lucky and won a couple of photography contests and that has also helped me to acquire some equipment as well. I have been sharing some of my "stuff" on facebook and there is an interest in what I do (for sale) but so far I have given and gifted my prints and only asked printing fees for my prints. I aspire to do more................... and ME RA KOH is such an inspiration!

go HERE I love her "photo recipes" which give you the exact settings for particular photo ops. check it out!


"I read once that to be an artist is one thing, but to live an artistic life is another. Brian and I took this statement as a call to create an artistic life with our marriage, kids and business. This last February, we put our dreaming to the test. We packed two backpacks, our camera gear, the kids' homeschool books, and rented a house in the jungles of southern Thailand for two months. There were no cars, no roads, but there was WiFi to keep our business running. And there were monkeys - sometimes forty monkeys ransacking our kitchen at once. We documented our family adventures through photography and writing. We watched the kids grow in confidence as they found their way in a foreign land. We walked miles each day with them by our side, and shared stories that only come up when you have miles to walk together. We created dances in the waves. We fell asleep to the cicada beetles at night. And somewhere in the challenges and rewards of living in the jungle, we created an artistic life that turned our dreaming into reality."

They would like to share this reality with others and created SOAR scholarships SOAR! is a new scholarship that is not only going to change the lives of three women, but breathe hope and encouragement into people across the nation. The deadline for entry is 12/21 but hopefully there will be a "like" contest next year. Winners will be announced in January.

Mom Central Shares the process............Each SOAR! Scholarship applicant must complete a brief online application, which requires personal & family information, a summary of what makes photography your passion and your time and travel commitments. Applicants must also submit a two-minute video explaining why they are worthy of receiving the SOAR Scholarship. The entire application process proves fast and easy, and all information can be found within the SOAR! Scholarship website

Gift ideas for your favorite photographer! GO HERE These are meant to be "stocking stuffers" ( the price range is a bit higher than my under $10 range for Stocking Stuffers) think MOTHERS DAY, FATHERS DAY and BIRTHDAYS!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of the SOAR! Scholarship and Me Ra Koh Photography.
In addition, I received an Amazon gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.”
****on the site, sign up for the newsletter and be entered to win a Sony DSL camera! (a great chance to win some NICE photography equipment)

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