Wednesday, December 23, 2009


"Prime" shoppers you can get shipping for $3.99 per item (get a free trial of Amazon Prime by GOING HERE ). Combine that with the FANTASTIC prices and selection at AMAZON and you got yourself a great GDA! You can order through today at 4:30 pm PST for this shipping deal and select cities can even order on Christmas Eve. Look HERE for details on Christmas ordering cutoffs.

WREATH PICTURED AT LEFT is now only $2.98!

GO HERE for a huge discount on TOYS & GAMES
******I am stocking up for NEXT YEAR! wow! Free S&H with PRIME or $25+

I am a member of AMAZON PRIME and I have it set to "auto" renew (you get to choose) AMAZON PRIME gives you FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING on most items sold by AMAZON STORE........ I love the service so very much and order from amazon frequently.
to try this service for 1 month FREE to use for the remaining holiday shopping days and after christmas sales! :)

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