Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Cross Off : magazine AWESOMENESS

GO HERE for a $5 subscription to ESPN just in time for a "Christmas Cross Off"
I am thrilled to be able to order this in addition to what I have
already as a "bonus" gift at this price. If you are limited to $5 per person you just gave a VERY impressive gift at that price for a sports fan!

while I was there i looked at the bottom of page and found 2 more GREAT deals for myself............... I pay a few more dollars for each of these, all you pays for itself in excellent coupons and food network
is just a GREAT magazine.
1. food network magazine for $15 1 year HERE
2. was able to renew my ALL YOU for extra $3 off so $16.99 a year because I previously purchased here as a GDA, if you have been following along with the GDAS you prob. qualify as well

for my horse friends i found this GDA that I think they will like $56 magazine for $10
GO HERE to get in on this one

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