Friday, November 6, 2009

$40 off on flowers! WOW!

It pays to be organized! Now through 11/30/09, earn 40 Fresh Rewards® points for each reminder you add. (up to 400 points - a $40 Fresh Rewards Pass).
GO HERE to sign up and add 10 reminders NOW to get your certificate later!
******thanks to marlena for sharing this with me

ANJIE NOTE: I plan on using my GC thru a rebate company site (hopefully) stay tuned I will post when I get mine what the best course of action is, I usually read the small print to ensure there isn't a loophole
but hopefully will be able to use the GC in conjunction with $ back site for difference paid out of pocket!
guess what my grandmother will be getting over the holidays? FRESH FLOWERS! :) she will love it!

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