Thursday, October 29, 2009

GDA for the BIRDS (& DOGS TOO!)

GDA FOR THE BIRDS! LOL ............that sounds funny
I (RACHEL) went here and ordered 14 items for my pet parakeets and outdoor wild birds for $15.xx shipped for BIRDS

ANJIE NOTE: I just bought several CHRISTMAS PRESENTS of BIRDHOUSES etc ........ for GREAT PRICES! GO GET UM! my order S&H was $20 total......... but I had some HEAVY items......... with the high S&H I still got a FANTASTIC deal! can't beat it..........

OMG, so I went BACK TO THIS SITE and ordered so much at such great prices it is unreal! anjie note: ALSO ON DOG SITE: giveaway for a NANO A DAY for voting for cutest dog! PLUS save $20 off $100 code: 09OCT07A
Here is my (rachels) order:
1 Rubber Tug Medium 10 Inch 0.39
1 Rubber Gummy Ring Large 5 Inch 1.19
1 Crown Dog Barrette Yellow 0.99
1 Glitzy Glamour Collar 10-14 x 5/8 Green 1.19
1 Glitzy Glamour Collar 14-18 x 1 Green 1.49
1 Therapet Blackberry Lilac Shampoo 18 oz 1.29
1 Therapet Grooming Rake Double Row Teeth 1.49
1 Evolution Hnydew Jas Shine Conditioner 18 Ounce 1.49
1 Nylon Dog Backpack with Bone Print 1.89
1 Tennis Ball 6 Pack 1.99
1 Assorted Color Satin Bows 80 Count 1.99
1 Therapet Iced Mango Shampoo 18 oz 2.99
1 Therapet Ginger Lime Shampoo 18 oz 2.99
1 Bone-Appetito Bistro Wooden Bowl Holder 22x11x10 9.99

Total $: 31.36

Order Recap:
Total Product $: 31.36
Net Product$: 31.36
Shipping: 12.95
Sales Tax: 0.00
Grand Total: 44.31
This equals out to $3.17 an item. You can not buy 1 bottle of cheap, yuck-o shampoo for dogs at wal-mart for this price....not to mention the toys and the WOODEN ELEVATED DOG FOOD FEEDER FOR LARGE DOGS....AMAZING

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