Sunday, November 30, 2008


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Trapped in an unknown dimension in space, our hero, Cubert, wakes up to a cube-like room and needs your help to escape!

Manipulate magical cubes, energize them with scanners, and blast the walls blocking your way! The further you progress into Exocubes, the more items you’ll have to use at your disposal, including different types of bombs and items that speed up the scanner’s pace. With two different modes of play and nearly 50 levels to choose from, a wide variety of challenges and hazards await you in every room.

  • Two different game modes
  • 49 action-oriented levels
  • Special items for an even greater variety of gameplay
  • Stylish, hip visual effects
  • Seven original music tracks, specially composed to suit the mood of each different room
  • Save your high scores, and challenge your friends to beat them

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