Friday, November 21, 2008

Maken Baken : how to make $25 pocket change

THESE OFFERS (bank, credit card, etc) often require that you enter sensitive information.......... I do this on a regular basis with CREDIBLE COMPANIES ONLY........... I only promote what I personally DO ...... I feel safe with this company as I have had the card and used it several times this year so far and referred many others. If you do not feel safe with this type of offer, just "skip it" :)

I have already done this and you may have too (if you have been following me along). IF NOT sign on up DOES NOT AFFECT ANY CREDIT SCORES ! this is a card like PAYPAL that also works in PLACE of a credit card at some sites. You can send and collect money with NO ASSOCIATED FEES TOO! (paypal charges me for this)

LOAD YOUR CARD with $50+
make purchases with your card and earn 10% return back (higher than all of my credit cards) for each purchase or each $50 you spend you get back $5 you can do this for a total of 5 times or $25 FREE DOLLARS to put towards a gift or a bill

REMEMBER EVERY PENNY COUNTS! saving money and making money = living lavishly for less............recession? NO PROBLEM we have the recession busting tools RIGHT HERE on flbyu!

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