Thursday, November 13, 2008

Free $21 GC with $79 purchase

free $21 GC with any $79+ purchase
use code: 279

Here are some really fun rules about the Free $21 e-Gift Certificate thing...

  1. The deal is good through this Sunday so please snap to
  2. It's just one card per order. So, if you order seven hundred Hoodies you'll still just get one $21 e-Gift Card
  3. For the first time ever someone told me I had a good butt. I think she actually said cute butt
  4. If you order something and then return it and you don't return the gift certificate too we'll deduct $21 from your credit
  5. Sorry for getting so personal in C and for being so mean in D
  6. I think that covers it

Love the Madness.

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