Monday, October 27, 2008

Post Card SECRETS from the edge................

I wrote in the newsletter or online diary months / maybe years ago about this intriguing site, that was featuring postcards from ordinary people that were anonymous that featured secrets. This particular site and result of this "project" that an ordinary guy decided would be fun idea.........turned into a beautiful work of art book that is getting lots of publicity now 4 books later! I have always adored the site and decided that I would love to have one of the books. I researched the books and was shocked not only to find some of the most compelling and beautiful and at the same time revealing and dark that the human mind can possess. These handmade, unique items that he has been sent is , shocking...........beautiful............ telling and mesmerizing to "even the best of us." I am ordering my copy of the latest books.... with a coupon code and gc of course....... I tried to get on the "waiting list" for the swap but omg there are like 300-500 people wishing for each one! I then got excited to find out you can hear this website designer/author speak at some universities. GOOD LUCK GETTING A TICKET, I tried to get one to UVA.........not a chance. You can watch portions of them on YOUTUBE. here is an example

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