Saturday, October 25, 2008

A PHOTO CONTEST .......... VOTES appreciated :)

there is a photo contest at this site that ends at the end of this month
I have 2 photos on the site and would appreciate your support if you so desire

here at the links to my photos you can give each one a 1-5 star rating
I would love it if you gave them all 5's but feel free to vote as you choose
and for what ever photo you choose

THERE ARE TONS OF GREAT PHOTOS ON THIS SITE & hopefully you will think that my photos deserve a great VOTE or two or three! :)


2 comments: said...

OMG if you look on the first page of the CONTEST you will see the person that is in the lead by 3 votes over "I was mad" entry
if you haven't voted yet, you will see that I need a little help! said...

Freelancer, PRINCESS MARIE's GRANDDAUGHTER! "ANGELINA" please give her a vote as well~!