Sunday, October 12, 2008

OMG did you save your BANANA CLIPS?

I just got an email about BANANA CLIPS coming back in style..........
according to this site they did and if you remember them you are old UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH
anyway , I clicked thru to check them out, and see what neat and funky NEW style was available and almost lost my teeth, choked on coffee, when I say the $37+ price tag.......

Now these are cute but the price tag on these are absolutely astounding oh here is the DISCOUNT info:
buy 3 and get a "free gift" buy $100+ and get no cost S&H!

ok .............lets see.................what we can do to save even MORE

HERE are some clips that look EXACTLY like the pictured ones
for under $7 without the silk

Here is another type for $1.59 ok so they are not as ELEGANT as the $38 but ............ we could possibly work with them to fancy them up ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

you could do what I did...............

I went on over to EBAY and used my EBAY REBATE PROGRAM and got some RHINESTONE CLIPS for the DD for her CHRISTMAS STOCKING .............. YEA 80's styles are "back in style"
for $10 I got 6 clips decorated with RHINESTONES or $1.66 EACH SHIPPED !
AND I will earn back a FEW CENTS (nickels) thru the REBATE PROGRAM TOO!

I bet if I really tried I could UPCYCLE the plain ones to look EXACTLY like the $38 for much less! would love to know what you can come up with!

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Marilyn said...

Our Thrift store has a back wall where they bag up odds and ends of a little bit of this and that, they then sell the whole bag for .50 cent to $2.50. I have seen a bunch of bags with Banana clips, also old barretts, guess I will stop passing them by. The bags also contain ribbon, lace and other things that could spruce up the plain ones. $35 for Banana clips, not in this life! Hugs Marilyn