Monday, October 6, 2008

The first step is admitting it.............


I AM ADDICTED TO THE SWAP~! as a matter of fact I just PURCHASED (yep purchased) credits for free books! EVEN THE COST OF THE CREDITS are less than most books shipped
and I am building a collection of books (my favorite all time books from childhood until now) PLUS MORE! LOL.......... they have a bunch of NEW stuff on the site, lots you can get into , but I just love going to the site, adding / deleting my wishlist, ordering books etc........ I only have 3 books listed on there right now for swapping, but I have sent out many in the past!

THERE IS EVEN A RECIPE SWAP now on this page! I haven't added any but i am sure happy about it!

I have made several friends on this site and sometimes just find myself "lost" reading the book reviews of the books listed!

I am going to have to go yardsailing or something and pick up some cheap books so I don't have to purchase credits anymore! I have 15 books en route to me at this very moment

REMEMBER once you post your first SET of books (before you even trade any) you get some FREE CREDITS so go get um!

yep, my name is anjie and I am a book-a-holic

BTW here is YET another site you can read free books online

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