Thursday, October 23, 2008


FINALLY ............. social services are waking up and being PROACTIVE in helping people learn about how to stretch a dollar, food stamps etc in order to MAKE IT! :) I am thrilled to see that this is being started in MA and hope that this continues to spread in all areas of the country.

Being a SOCIAL WORKER by degree this GAP in services has frustrated me for sometime! HOORAY for this!

WE looking for someone in the MA area to refer to another to teach a coupon class, it pays up to $25 an hour and helps people learn to be self sustaining! if you are in the MA area I would love to refer you , if not could you post, pass along to others that we are looking for someone?

This requires that the "teacher" be coupon SAVVY and experienced in sharing their skills with others. You would need to have great communication skills as well!


Anonymous said...

Oh I would would love to do this. I live in Vermont but on the border of Mass. I am in Mass almost every day. I would love to know more on this.

paula said...

This is great. I also am a social working in indiana. I just started a job where I will be doing intake assesments for neglect/abuse but we also offer programs for parents, teens, children on many topics. Of course money saving coupons is not one..but you have inspired me to make a handout sheet to give to my parents that may help them realize how much they can save even when they have to use food stamps. Thanks.

Linda said...

I live in Virginia. I think this is an awesome idea. I would be interested if it happened here. I just had to go to Social Services because I have been out of work for a year since having surgery on my feet with diabetic complications, and now my husband is having some issues with his heart and he is unable to work until they get it under control.
We were just approved for food stamps and I have stretched the amount they have given us to make them at least 25% more using coupons. I have always used almost every coupon I could get my hands on or bought the store brand if it is less money. This would help me get back to work as long as I could sit for part of the class.

Lissa@SavingYourCents said...

I totally agree that this is a program that should be nation-wide! I have helped out many families by teaching them how to use coupons! There are so many people out there that are willing to use coupons but may not have the time that I (and others) have devoted to learning the ends and outs! When I first started, I spent hours on the internet trying to find resources that taught me how to make the most of my dollar! I usually save 75-90+% on all of my shopping trips! I am a stockpiler and have a years worth of everything you could ever imagine!

I also help families with making budgets and getting out of debt and that has turned out well also!

I spoke to our local coupon club, back in July for the first time. I was pulled to the side at the end of the class and kindly told that "God gave everyone of us a skin, THIS is your skin, you need jump in it!" Those words really meant something to me. I was put here on earth for a reason and I have been searching for that reason for so long! I have finally found it! I share my money saving tips to anyone who takes the time to listen!

I would really be interested in finding out more about this program in your state as I would be willing to present this opportunity to our local social services office. I believe that giving those who are on assistance this type of saving power will give back a sense of achievement that once may have been lost and may prove to help them out in other aspects of their lives! If you have the time to email me I would greatly appreciate it. I would be willing to walk right in the social services office and suggest this addition but I would really like to see how you guys handle this to make my proposal more professional! I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for all that you do! Please contact me at savingyourcents @ comcast dot net!