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freelancer, ALLISON would like to challenge everyone to another 10 day giveway!


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Yesterday started the 10 day give program for 10 days we give SOMETHING everyday! I KNOW I AM POSTING THIS LATE, I am not even listed YET as a participant on the main page BUT I did GIVE yesterday and if you DIDNT you can "catch up!" just give 2 times today!


MY #10 DAY WILL BE THE DAY I GIVE SOMETHING TO ONE OF YOU! I will use RANDOM GENERATOR to choose one of the comments on this

COPY AND PASTE the 10 DAY GIVE BUTTON to your blog, myspace, facebook, website etc........ if you have one

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE so you can come back and post your comments about your GIVING EXPERIENCES!

The purpose behind it is to give people an opportunity to:

  1. Change the lives of those around you
  2. Change your own life by better understanding the joy of giving
  3. Make the world a better place one gift at a time


  • Start saving ASAP - it will be a lot easier to give if you have money saved up in advance.
  • Fill your wallet up with cash, so you can always dole out some cash if you need to…
  • I love giving to strangers, but sometimes they can be freaked out. So, proceed with caution!
  • If you think your giving could freak someone out, do it anonymously. This can be very fun. You can almost turn it into a James Bond type challenge not to get caught!
  • Plan out your giving in advance, but be ready when a moment of inspiration strikes.


Freelancebyu.com said...

DAY #1 10/10/08
gave UVA FOOTBALL TICKETS to my BROTHERS BF, he could never have afforded to go and they were gifted to my DH (AVID FAN) we regifted them and OMG you should have seen him HOLD THEM TO HIS HEART and smile!


Freelancebyu.com said...

DAY #2
the DH and I went to the POWHATAN RED BARN "FLEA MARKET" today to look for some picture frames with INTENTION to do our GIVEAWAY there! We found a "regular seller" that was willing to take ANYTHING for ANYTHING she had "just make an offer and I will take it" was her attitude. I found 2 frames and asked her if $2 was "fair" which she immediately accepted. I think If I would have offered her 25cents she would have said yes......the DH gave her $20 and told her THANK YOU.......... he teared up as she said GOD BLESS YOU TO US as we walked away. IT WAS WONDERFUL!

happyagain said...

I should already qualify. I give away something everyday. I give breakfast and treats to my 84 year old mother in law. I bake cakes and take to the Moose lodge almost weekly to share. And, last week, there was a poor soul on the 895 that didn't have the $2.50 for the toll so I paid it for him/her. (I didn't stop long enough to identify the person, because it didn't matter.) Nothing feels better than giving to others!!

Darla said...

Today I gave my piano away to a musical family who do not have the means to buy one. Mine hardly gets used, and I know they will use it often. They were so excited, and it was touching how much they said this will impact their lives.

shananjoe said...

Day 1

gave away coupon that our store gives for cents off of gas. It works out for every 25.00 you spend on groceries you get 3 cents off of gas. I had 6 cents off for each gallon upto 15 gallons. I asked the cashier to pass it to the person behind me this time. As I was getting in the car the lady that recieved my gift yelled across the parking lot thanks and that she would pass along one very soon.

It just makes ya feel good to do something good.

babeofbryan said...

Today I gave away 10.00 to the Knights of Columbus. They were set up outside of Walmart and I thought hey why not? Tomorrow Im taking groceries to our church food pantry. also shampoo and conditioner that I bought 2/1.00 I bought it for just this reason. The food pantry stays full but personal care items are welcomed and needed.

Moon Dog Star said...

Yesterday I did do something kind for some one-I baked pumpkin muffins & double chocolate dipping sauce. It was for my own personal satisfaction, but, a friend of mines is ill & i wanted to cheer her up.
dropped off 4 mini muffins to her. Also 2 XL muffins to my parents who are "set in older age" that must have sweets after dinner!! BTW: they both live 3 houses from each other BUT, OVER 20 mins from ME...So out of my way to make them feel special...LOL!!!!!!!!

Moon Dog Star said...

Today(day2) my Good Thing was...I gave more to my lawn care man (I didn't have the correct amount but, I didn't mind giving the bonus) Plus I had extra pumpkin muffins So he got one for himself & something to drink PLUS bagged one up for him a after dinner snack.

He was a happy man there-after!!
Plus I have the nicest-halloween lawn in the street!!!

Beverly32440 said...

Today as I went through a fast food drive thru, I paid for the food ordered by the person in the car behind me. I didn't get to see their response, but I know it was appreciated. Also I gave a 40% off Michaels coupon to a lady in line behind me.

Freelancebyu.com said...
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Freelancebyu.com said...

THIS POST IS FROM FREELANCER, DIANE, not from ME........... thanks anjie

Today I gave 2 Indians whole mink pelts (with the heads and claws - yuck!)that the ASPCA sent to ARK. That should count for a badge or two... They ended up being a really neat couple. The run a Native American Christian Ministry in North Carolina. Too cool.

Mrs said...

Today we gave our neighbor a pot of soup. She's been really under the weather lately so we made extra while cooking lunch and sent some over. She was so greatful that she wouldn't have to cook today.

Freelancebyu.com said...

MCDONALDS was my target! I was looking for a "child" to buy ice cream for............ NO LUCK! Can you believe it, no children IN MCDONALDS and no children IN LINE in the drive thru either, YIKES! so what did I do? I bought ice cream for the teenager that worked there! She could NOT BELIEVE IT! :) ok so it was a child ........ in comparison to me! :)

dilligafashbowl said...

Yesterday was the Pumpkin festival in our town and a friend brought her son not realizing it cost $10 for him to get a wrist band allowing him play all games and do all activities...I bought his wrist band just to see the smile on his face playing the games.... today I surprised my freshman in college son with an egg & cheese bagel from my work DD's ( BTW egg & cheese sandwiches are $.99 w/ coffee purchase) when I picked him up to take him to work. After all this I came home to read this post...so I'm well on my way and having a blast!!

Beverly32440 said...

Our Friday housekeeper wasn't able to work for 2 Fridays 2 and 3 weeks ago. When we paid her, we paid her for those days anyway.

fishingmama said...

Day #1 Balloons to little boy in hospital.
Day #2 Gave a Treadmill to a young lady because I didn't use it.
Day #3 Took a meal of Lasagna to a family who just got home from the hospital.

Moon Dog Star said...

Day 3: FINALLY today since the last swam of hurricanes I'm finally able to watch REAL TV again-my direct tv guy came out hook me all up with a NEW dish, NEW wires & 4 NEW receivers. My hubby help him out in re-wiring our outlets & we paid him cash for doing such a great job-which was way out of the contract agreement. Plus the boys gave him free child entertainment-that only "my dogs" can do best.

That was my good deed of the day!!! *Plus I did it smiling even though I have the FLU** :)

kellyc said...

I gave away free ice cream coupons to shopper at kroger, gave the mail man and box of chocolates with my hold mail notice, gave my new neighbor two bags of clothes for her daughter for the upcoming fall/winter season that I found at a sale after she mentioned a need, gave my brother in law tickets to a R.Petty experience that I won jut to see the look on his face! and gave the sweetest little girl some stuffed animals at the end of a yardsale that will be well loved.

fishingmama said...

I don't know why mine has not shown up I posted it Saturday. Now I am not sure what day I gave what......
Day #1 Took Balloons to hospital for a sick child in our church.
Day #2 Took Lasagna to a family in our church that had been in hospital.
Day #3 Gave my $2.00 Treadmill to someone who needed it worse than I did.
Day #4 Today I gave my Granddaughter a ride to school and a ride home so she would not have to walk.

Beegee said...

DAY# 1- Though it was my B-day too, I gave my mom's nurse a gift for her 2-yr old who had the same B-day as me.
Day#2 - Didn't go out on my B-day & bought some ballooms for neighbor whose B-day was Sat & just came home from hospital.
Day#3 - Met w/ my freind in Wisc. to share excess coupons I had
Day# 4- Mom got sick & I cleaned up & the smell was strong. SHe's 82 & I'm hapy to have her w/ me.

Freelancebyu.com said...

to the DH UNION GROUP (fed 10 people) along with a bag of discounted rolls, baked beans and cole slaw! They loved it!

LAST NIGHT found out a friend's little boy has been in hospital for a few days with MERCERS........ UGH
brought him a BLUE BEAR with BALLOONS , not really a RAOK but a "gift" none-the-less

Moon Dog Star said...

day 4-Oct 13th,I was at *not my fav. store* shopping for the month. There was 2 lines & over 30 shoppers waiting for check out. Lady behind me was in a wheel chair,One lane opened up near us-I let her go ahead of me-which was out of my way in the line.
An other one behind me didn't have enough cash for her food items. I gave her $20 which covered the full cost plus changed left over.

*here in my area things are not normal since the hurricanes & all we have is each other in our community for helping hands!!*

MamaBaker said...

Today my daughter and I sent in out hair for Locks of Love.

pj said...

won 3 movie tickets and hgave 2 to my neighbors and one to my hubb's colleague...both recipients were thrilled

fishingmama said...

Day #4 It is cold here today so made a big pot of Veggie soup and had enough to share with 3 of my neighbors.

Stacy said...

I gave my husband a back rub before he went off to work.


Freelancebyu.com said...

YESTERDAY was my step daughters bday so we gave her a cake, card, money and a jar of her favorite pineapple spread, this isn't really a RAOK so
also got together a stack of jeans for a little girl down the street that Faith has outgrown and a box of books for A friend that I have read! WOW This is so much fun!

Jaci'sMa said...

I started the 10 days of giving yesterday. Yesterday I mailed off a box of food to a lady whose family was financially in trouble. If I had mailed it prority mail it was going to cost me over $40.00. Never knew it could cost that much, but I included things for the whole family like flour, cornmeal, etc.
> To give to them gave me a tingly feeling inside. The postmaster even asked what I was mailing to cost so much and I told her. (remember small community, small post office)
> She told me that it made her want to donate to people and that she was working on sending things to a needy family too. She said that she may even send it out tomorrow (today).
> I always call it a "Pay It Forward". See I helped a family and that made someone else want to help another.
> Then today at the grocery store I help another person and I was only there to buy my lunch.
> Just wonder what I'll do on day 3? Makes you think.
> Like this idea of sharing, just incourages you more.

Beverly32440 said...

Monday, I stopped by a discount bread store and bought extra for a family in the neighborhood. They were very grateful.

Beverly32440 said...

Tuesday,I took some items that I was saving for a yard sale and gave them to a coworker for a yard sale her church is having the first of November.

Beverly32440 said...

Today I took some boiled peanuts from my husband's peanut field to work to share with coworkers.

sarah said...

I gave away some dishes and household items to a mother/daughter who were moving in to their new apartment after fleeing from domestic abuse.

fertawert AT yahoo DOT com

MoneyMateKate said...

Full details on my other blog:

Day 1: $15 PayPal donation to The Baobab Home (www.tzkids.org), an orphanage in Tanzania.

Day 2 & 3: Clipped $629 worth of coupons to send to military families in Okinawa (www.ocpnet.org)

Day 4: Started a donation jar for The Baobab Home, where I will put all savings from my own coupon use. Opening balance: $5.75

Day 5: $1-at-the-register "paper shoe" for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and $1 to the gentle bum in my 'hood.

Day 6: $25 Kiva microloan to an egg retailer in Ghana.

fishingmama said...

I think I lost a day or 2. lol
But ysterday put a lot of coupons on the grocery shelves by the product for people to use.

Nick W. said...

Gave a bunch of new giftable items to a thrift store in our town. I simply had to many of them. I love sales and always buy too much, which ends up benefiting others.

Moon Dog Star said...

day 5: I went help a friend out-she had major computer problems. In 8 years of having the computer she NEVER did any maintiness. I usually charge $25. per hour. Cause I can be there for a hour to 6 hours.

I didn't charge her a cent. She needed the servicing that BAD!!!!

Day6-today while in the drive through of a fast food spot. I noticed a teach to our local high school in place behind me. *Mind you this will not earn any school brownie points for my oldest is in 3rd grade*By the time we pulled in to the pay window she already ordered. I paid for her meal as well as a pie slice.cost me less then $5 & she honked over & over smiling big as we parted.

Moon Dog Star said...

Also I forgot to add-Thursday day 5??
I brought my father In Law McDonald's lunch, to him this is a special lunch for he is in care at a nursing home. Plus knowing his favorite nurse would be there at lunch time I picked her up lunch as well.

It was more then enough for the 2 of them & they were able to share with 2 more nursing members. Lunch date for 5 cost less then $10.

*play back*
I had a few coupon cards we received from friends in thanks for the little things we do for them.

I did a free-cycle trade off with a woman whos son was in need of summer clothes. He is in between the size of my 2 youngest "dogs"-Plus we have about 3 more months of summer here in the south. & I hate holding on to clothes for more then 6 months esp. when I know that the dogs may out grow them before they can wear them. I feel better just passing them on to those who need NOW!!!!

tiff said...

what a nice gesture...it's sure to bright up someone's day. i mowed my neighbours lawn today as i'm sure she could use some much needed rest.


Allison said...

Well, I've been posting my daily 'GIVES' on my blog, but I will re-post here also.

Although just now getting this posted, I began "The Give" on Friday morning. My only plan was to be "open" to what was going on around me and keep a watchful 'ear and eye' as to how/where I could give.

Day One - Friday, the 10th
5:45 a.m. I'm in the bakery getting my morning ritual begun when a women came in and asked the bakery owner if she could get a cup of coffee and a doughnut and come back later and pay her as she didn't have enough. The bakery owner knows me as I'm in there nearly every morning (shamefully - hehehe) and with a shared glance between her and I, I added the women's order to my total. She thanked me and added - now I will not only have breakfast, but I will have dinner as well as the money I have will get me bus fare to the shelter this evening.

1:00pm-ish I'm driving to the bank and the post office doing my work errands (we are based in a rural community so these errands are 15 mins away) and on days I go I usually plan to get food through the drive-thru so I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone, so to speak, and make the most of the time I have. The road I drive is a two lane frontage road that parallels the freeway and is used mainly by local people and farmers. As I'm driving along I happen upon a man walking with back pack, old 2liter bottles filled with water and a sign flapping on his back that read "In need of food". I though "cool..." I'll order food for him while I'm in the drive thru and pull over on my return to work. It was a hot day so I got a sandwich without mayonaise (didn't want it to get yucky) and got soda in a can vs. cup and ice) and sure enough, there he was. I pulled over and rolled down my window and said "How 'bout some lunch?" He crossed the road, took the bag and said "Thank You". All I could think about was gee, I hope he doesn't mind dry bread! :)

Allison said...

Day Two - Saturday, the 11th
I drove up to my girlfriend's house for the weekend to work on our quilts. I had just a little bit more to go on my daughter in law's quilt (her b'day was a few weeks ago)so I went into the fabric store in Chico before going to get my hair cut. There they had the coolest thing..."Charms for scissors" - who'da thunk! I just had to get one for my girlfriend - they had a little sewing machine charm with a purple crystal - I know she'd love it! It was a small token but not cheap by any means - but well worth it. When I got back to her house I gave her the charm which she put on her 'snipping' scissors right away. Later in the evening she said out of the blue "I'm so happy that we can share this together - it's just so much fun". Every time I see my charm, I will think of that day and be reminded of our time(s) together quilting and making memories.

Allison said...

Day Three - Sunday, the 12th
My daughter in law has a full plate. Three kids, a full time job and a busy husband (my son) who is frantically trying to keep up with his every growing business. Like most business owners, you're always "on call" - at least in our business you are. I know how much she likes hydrangeas, so I found 2 plants at the nursery and decided to plant them right by her back door porch (which is the exit she uses every day to take the kids to school and leave for work) so that each day she can start it off by seeing the beauty of the flowers she loves. I work right across the property in another building so I can keep a watchful eye on the plants and help nurture them into nice shrubs for her to enjoy for a long time. She loved them!

Allison said...

Day Four - Monday, the 13th
I have a long time friend who just accepted a new position in none other than Kodiak, Alaska! Brrrrr! She's very excited about it, but it was a HUGE change for her leaving her comfort zone here in California for the island of Kodiak. Most things are VERY expensive and some of the 'comforts' of home just aren't available all the time. I mailed off a *C*A*R*E* package to her today filled with many 'essentials' which will hopefully along with a 'singing' b'day card (it was yesterday). I'm hoping she'll enjoy it. We'll see.

Allison said...

Day Five - Tuesday, the 14th
My new office has been working long and hard to master our daily payroll issues. I appreciate her dedication to be 100% accurate and while I was out running errands for work, I was in the hardware store and there was a very neat Christmas tree display with various ornaments. There on the tree was the CUTEST chihuahua ornament I just had to get it. She has chihuahua's and I thought how perfect and this will give me a chance to say "thanks for all your hard work".

Allison said...

Day Six - Wednesday, the 15th
My best friend's daughter recently moved up here from Southern California to enjoy her first apartment. As a working young adult, she is challenged with making ends meet just like many of us. Through out the month I gather up odds and ends I know will help to make her very stretched paycheck go a little further and try to get together with her for lunch or the like. Tonight I bought dinner for her...and we watched the Presidential debate together.

Allison said...

Day Seven - Thursday, the 16th
My mother and her husband live in Oregon and attend a church up there that has taken 'under their wings' about 15-20 children who live in homes that are "high risk" homes. Being an 'older' church (congregation consists of members probably 40 years plus with an emphasis on the "plus" end of the spectrum) having these children attend has been a good thing in many ways for their congregation. A couple of years ago now, they began a 'closet' so to speak of items specifically for these under priveledged kids. Several times through out the year people donate items for the kids. Example - this time of year items for school, even school clothes for some - then Christmas time, etc. etc. Today I gathered up all the school supply items I have been gathering from specials and boxed them up and mailed them out for the kids.

It's so hard for me NOT to give...I just love it. So when my grandson came into the office tonight when I was ready to go, he asked if he could come home with me. His parents said ok and on the way home we had to stop off at the grocery store. Shopping with him was hilarious. He began putting things in the cart as fast as I could take them out! He is all into dirt bike riding (8 yrs old) and wanted a dirt bike magazine. So with the promise of "once your homework is done" - I told him he could have the magazine. He spent the rest of the evening reading that and went right to bed without issue. Hmmm... :)

Allison said...

Day Eight - Friday, the 17th
For some reason, today seemed like a 'struggle' - As I stated prior, my only plan for "giving" was to be 'open' to what might come my way either as a spiritual prompting, a twinkling of conscience or by means of 'in your face here's a need' kind of thing. I got to work and began my day and I really was struggling with what to do. My husband had been in the office yesterday and made a comment about how quiet it was in there and that "us girls needed some sort of back ground music going or something" - we joked about not being able to get any good stations to come in and that was that. Today was another slow and quiet morning so I snagged the radio out of my boss's office and stuck it on the spare desk in hopes of getting something to come in on the radio. After running up and down the dial, I finally came across a station that was playing a song and it was coming in really well - I looked over at my office assistant and said "well? what'da think?" she say, "yeah, that sounds pretty good". So, the music was going and we were working and the day is going on and on. I still was perplexed with what I was suppose to do "giving wise" today. I mentioned this to my co-worker even and said, "Hmmm, maybe I'm just trying to hard". The whole day we'd been listening to this station - rather the music was playing, I guess but I hadn't been "REALLY" listening until making one more comment about not knowing what I was going to do and then it dawned on me - this radio station has been running a marathon fund raiser all day! Helllllllooooooooo??? Hahaha! Although I couldn't commit to a monthly pledge, I did call the station to make a one time pledge. Some times answers are RIGHT there in front of you...just need to pay attention!

Freelancebyu.com said...


I freecycled a High-Chair (pick up tomorrow)

Gave my daughter & her DH some money

Gave the waitress at breakfast an extra tip.......... more than I usually would

sent dinner to a friends DH chilli & cheese

Gave my Grandkids my Dog (I should say gave them back their dog I have had a year)

Gave daughter my Spice Rack, and sweatshirt of mine she liked

Beverly32440 said...

Thursday, I shared scrabooking supplies with a friend.

Beverly32440 said...

On Friday I took more things to a coworker for her church's yard sale the first of Nov.
Today, I sent a box of books that we have read to a neighbor.

fishingmama said...

Today sent a gift to a young girl who is having electrical stimulation on her foot tomorrow. They will put her to sleep to do it so must hurt pretty bad. Was a bookmark and pin of the 2 feet. The bookmark was Footprints in the Sand

Allison said...

Day Nine - Saturday, the 18th
Wow, a day at home for once. I've been gone several weekends in a row and my days during the week are always packed - like many people's I'm sure. I began today early, doing house chores, laundry and cleaning. I sat down to rifle through a pile of "less important" mail and to go through the piles of of mail items I've rec'd through the last couple of weeks. As I sat down to begin to go through the pile, I thought to myself, "hmmm, how am I going to give today?" and then continued through the stack of mail. Who thought that going through piles of what some would consider "junk mail" would be so much fun? First item - a postal card from Victoria Secret...inside - a little coupon/card for a FREE pair of undies. *DING* that will go to my petite and sexy little daughter in law - she's a hard working mom who puts family first and she will enjoy this little freebie. Next, coupons from Marlboro. *DING* another "give" - this will go to Anjie. Next item to be opened was labels from the Veterans Administration (love to get these by the way - I use them ALL the time) These were Christmas ones and of course *DING* I can give $5.00 to them. *DING* my FREE Movie Tickets from a GDA through Office Depot - Hmmm...another give for my middle son and daughter in law - they work hard, have little 'extra' and will LOVE going out together. We're headed down there tonight for a few days and we can play "babysitter" to our grandson while they enjoy the night out. Lastly, *DING* a couple of FREEbie coupons for CAT Food and a CatFood sample which will be going to my local SPCA.

So, next I decided to head to my computer to check on some websites I saw in my quilting magazines and low and behold was an add for a FREE pattern download. After I downloaded I thought - "Hmmm, I wonder if I can find more free downloadable patterns?" so the search was on...sure enough - so I downloaded and loaded to two different Flash Drives (which I had stored up from a couple of recent GDAs) - one to give to my best friend who quilts and one to send to her mom who is 80, on a fixed income and has recently caught the "quilting bug" as well. She will love these! Ok, guess I'd better get back to the tasks at hand.

2:00p.m. - I free-cycled my daughter's old electric wheel chair to a gentleman that needed something to use until his replacement chair was received.

Allison said...

Day 10 - Sunday, the 19th,
After 8 hours of driving we're here in Southern California. So far my "GIVE" for today was to buy everyone Mickie Dee's for lunch. My son and daughter in law seldom eat out at all and my daugher in law's sister was also here and we bought her lunch also. The day isn't over yet...so we'll see what else comes up.

On a side note: This has just been sooo much fun! I'd love to challenge everyone to an additional 10 days! :)

sarah said...

i dropped off some old clothes at a shelter today! hoping the women and kids there who need it can use them. i'm lost track of what i've given out everyday now...

fertawert AT yahoo DOT com

Moon Dog Star said...

allison-i'll take u up on your challange.

sat day 7-not my usual mail lady & on sat. it seems i get more mail then any other day-i gave her bottle water & one huge brownie.
we baked brownies friday night-tripple chocolate ones.

sun day 8-i suprised my father-in-law with dinner. He had chinese his favorite foods!!! & the boys packed him a big brownie as well.

monday day 9-left over brownies about 10 huge chunks-cut in to 3rd made 30 reg bite sizes. sent with hubby for his crew (14 men) at work. Poor men working in constant heat 14-16 hour days!! They reported back by their 1st break-loved the brownies!!!

side-note when i bake no matter what it is-i double all recipes-i like to share. God make my skinny friends fat-so I can blend in the crowd!!!

Freelancebyu.com said...

WINNER CHOSEN.......... check out main blog page to see if this is YOU!

fishingmama said...

I know this is over but today I ate lunch at Cracker Barrel and happened to notice 2 Army GI's eating across from me. Both were ladies. I ask the waitress to give me their check. It didn't cost very much and I was proud of myself and very proud of them. One of them had already been to Iraq and back. They came and thanked me I told them there was no need to thank me I was honored to do it. And more people should be thanking them and pay for their meals.

icunursemicki said...

I do alot of couponing and gave away 10 coupon inserts on a freecycle site.