Monday, September 8, 2008


DS ROCK GUITAR HERO reg. $180 add to cart for $134.99
ITEM #74902

  • NEW portable music gaming experience for Nintendo DS: Rock Out to Guitar Hero for the first time with the Innovative Guitar Grip. Utilize local wireless play to shred with your friends. Use the included pick-stylus to strum the touch activated screen.

  • A New Musical Offering: Rock out to 25 monster tracks, 20 of which are exclusive to the DS, including music from a variety of classic rock, pop and alternative rock favorites.

  • Gameplay Modes: Single Player Mode - Prove your guitar shredding skills. Multiplayer Modes - Players can play Face Off, Pro Face Off and Co-op and Guitar Duel together. Practice Mode - Practice using the Guitar Grip and pick-stylus.

  • Authentic Rock Star Experience: Takes full advantage of Nintendo DS capabilities, including activating star power by yelling Rock Out into the DS microphone. Attacks in Guitar Duel allow you to utilize the DS in a new way.

  • All of the customization and personalization Guitar Hero fans enjoy: Select from six characters including two new rockers, which are exclusive to the DS. You can also choose from a vast collection of guitars and all new musical venues.

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