Sunday, August 31, 2008


I went to UKROPS with a fist full of coupons and a plan! :) We bought a $25 GC to OUTBACK for a BDAY present / party we were going to right there at UKROPS which saved us a trip out too!

UKROPS PROGRAM OF FUEL PERKS sparked my interest!

How are fuelperks! earned?

Use your Ukrop’s Valued Customer card each time you shop. After spending $50 on qualified items, you will earn a 10 cent discount off your next fuel purchase (20 gallon limit). Each time your total spending reaches a $50 increment, an additional 10 cents per gallon fuelperks! is awarded.

  • These discounts are “stackable” (may be accumulated) as shown in the following examples:

Spend $50 and earn a discount of 10 cents per gallon.
Spend $100 and earn a discount of 20 cents per gallon.
Spend $250 and earn a discount of 50 cents per gallon.
Spend $500 and earn a discount of $1 per gallon.
Spend $1,000 and earn a discount of $2 per gallon, and so on.

  • Once you choose to redeem your fuelperks!, your account will be fully depleted.
  • During your next shopping trip, you will once again begin to earn fuelperks!
Ukrop’s is piloting the fuelperks! program in the Richmond area. All Ukrop’s stores and Joe’s Market will be participating, with the exception of our Roanoke, Fredericksburg and Williamsburg stores. If successful, we may choose to extend the program to the other markets which Ukrop’s serves.

I am not sure EXACTLY how this works other than I earned 10cents per gallon and have $22 towards my next $50 or 20cents level, my total bill BEFORE coupons was $174
this did include a $25 GC which doesn't count my total AFTER coupons was $73.23 (INCLUDES THE $25 GC) and TOTAL W/O GC is $48.23 so I cannot make heads or tails out of HOW they figured my 10cents with credit towards 20 cents..........

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