Monday, August 25, 2008


I love to read & Educate myself
my favorite topics include:
  • REAL LIFE type stories that are timeless (fiction / non fiction / humanistic)
  • Regional (*Louisiana, OBX, Keys etc)
  • Travel (BUDGET, off the beaten path, well kept secrets etc........)
  • Biographies (philanthropists, disadvantaged not the "hoity toity")
  • Frugal books
  • Small business / tax / learning & help books
  • Crafting/ DIY / Fix it Yourself / Trash to Treasure etc..........

I could go on and on.................... but I won't ............. instead I will share with you some GOODIES that involve BOOKS and how to get some FREE books here.......

I love books, I love RAOK or the PAY IT FORWARD philosophy and until now the only way I have participated in this is thru the

at the book crossing, I have a picture of me there releasing "CANE RIVER" in LAS VEGAS
I never got a response or a "tracking" of this book and it is the only one I have RECORDED but I have released MANY BOOKS! I have never been the recipient of any either, by the time I have gotten to place it was released it was gone..............

SO with that being said........... I will tell you that I have been VERY successful with BOOK SWAPPING! this site is great and I have given and rec'd many great books here! I have even swapped a couple of CDS HERE (not as good as the book swap but never-the-less great site) I am REBUILDING a library of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS! (see side bar on left for my latest two FAVORITES!) This site has been instrumental in this and lets you create a WISH LIST of 200 books! I have all 200 slots filled! My daughter became a BOXER thru them, since she had so many to trade~!

MY LATEST FIND is thru RANDOM HOUSE HERE they are giving away NEW RELEASES for you to read and READ IT FORWARD! They need/want bloggers reviews as well and even have contests for BOOK CLUBS! I don't belong to book clubs because I am so picky about what I read and my reading time is sometimes so very limited during a particular week/day/month that I wouldn't be able to keep up at times :( They give away only a limited amount of books at a time! I put in a request for
How Far is the Ocean from Here
I doubt I get either as they only accept the first 200 and I am just finding this but .........
I am going to TRY to get one or both!

I have been able to get a FEW goodies that fit my "wish list" from FREECYCLE
and CRAIGSLIST as well- these are not BOOK sites but there is an occasional person that is giving away books on these sites.

I have a BARNES & NOBLE credit card that earns GC for me , paying for things that most normally pay for "out of pocket" or by check / cash. After your first purchase they send you a $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card. It's our way of saying 'thank you' for becoming a cardmember.I charge my bills on credit cards and one of my most favorite is B&N! I earn GC from them regularly and combine them with my CLUB membership which pays for itself OVER & OVER again giving me 10% off any purchase, free printable coupons to use in store and codes to use on the net! I just clicked thru THIS LINK and found a GREAT MESSENGER BAG FREE with $100 purchase for BTS.......... HMMMMM let me go see how many GC I have! :)

If you know of any other programs like this PLMK as I am a BOOK LOVER and can never have TOO MANY!

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