Sunday, August 31, 2008


One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.
~Virginia Woolf

The DH cooked a pack of Chicken Thighs on the grill about 11 or so this a.m. I cooked a few hours this afternoon and we fed 5 for dinner , sent home a to-go plate to a friend and still have some left overs! Here is the dinner menu......

CRAB & SHRIMP DIP with Pita Chips
I did a SEAFOOD rebate the other day, you had to buy $20 worth to get a $10 rebate I choose Lump CRABMEAT and spiced SHRIMP
I used about 1/2 of each and combined with a mixture that I made in the FOOD PROCESSOR with some LEFTOVER cream cheese spread from PANARAS (free bagels and cream cheese purchased from ebay , see earlier post) and another block of plain cream cheese, a splash of worchestire sauce, a squirt of Horseradish, a spoon of minced garlic and a large cooking spoon of mayo w/ olive oil by hellmans....... I served this with some Pita Chips - it was delicious!
I still have the other 1/2 of the seafood (tomorrow breakfast seafood omelets)
APPROXIMATE OOP COST $6 for this dish will be used for 3 meals or $2 per meal (serves at least 4 each meal) Pita Chips were bought as part of a full rebate on SALTY ITEMS and were free ! = .50 (cents per meal)

again the garden goodies (cucumber/tomato) I had lots and am very thankful for them (friend and my own garden together gave enough to create....) sliced/diced and chopped added the remaining onion from the red beans and rice and poured a bottle of RANCH dressing I got FREE at UKROPS (scanned card got coupon for buy any get FREE and combined with the buy 2 get one free tear pad coupon) EASY and ECONOMICAL not to mention HEALTHY :)
APPROXIMATE OOP COST ranch dressing ($1.59 paid for 1 the other two were free also qualifying me for FREE WHEAT THINS ($4.00 value) approximate: .40 cents will be used for at least 4 meals serving 4 = 10 cents (per meal)

(marinade lemon/pepper) Food Lion 2/$4
sale with rebate see previous post for details

APPROXIMATE OOP COST bought on a deal (sale + rebate) pack of thighs I got 8 thighs for approx $1.50


got squash? I had some given to me from a friend's garden..... so I found this recipe which was GREAT , all items on hand made this tonight and boy is it eva good! I added some Parmesan Cheese since I had some in the fridge, and used WHEAT THINS rather than saltines
this was EXCELLENT!
APPROXIMATE OOP COST all items on hand Wheat Thins 40cents


I had some left over red beans / kidney beans in the fridge from making chili a few nights ago,
so I pulled those out, whipped out my bag of FREE cajun style Uncle Bens Rice, a piece of
andouille that I had in the fridge from previous meal, some green peppers from our garden a bit of onion and made a side casserole of some DELICIOUS red beans and rice (anjie style) another BIG hit at the dinner table tonight!
APPROXIMATE OOP COST all items free or on hand ZERO

Portobello Mushrooms in Alfredo Sauce
had some Tortellini (fresh) from a previous grocery deal, found a pack of REDUCED produce at Ukrops with some BEAUTIFUL Portobella Mushrooms, also had a jar of FREE Alfredo sauce from completing a survey EONS ago............ combined all of this for another wonderful side dish.
APPROXIMATE OOP COST portobella 79 cents , tortellini made $ buying about 75 cents

NO DESSERT NEEDED! ***but we all enjoyed a FREE payday candy bar, dessert was just "wanted" :)

we will DEFINITELY have more than enough leftovers to fill us up for lunch & dinner tomorrow
PLUS will have those SEAFOOD OMELETS for breakfast! :)


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Marilyn said...

Hey Anjie, coming to your house to eat this week, sounds yummy you Cajun Queen. I thought that was a very creative menu, and it should please the most finicky eaters. Sure sounds better that the MickeyD double cheeseburgers we grabbed tonight, on the run! Hugs Marilyn