Saturday, January 30, 2016


Shutterfly: FREE Luggage Tag, Playing Cards OR 8X10 Photo Print (Just Pay Shipping)

GO HERE FIRST and EARN MONEY BACK (if your first purchase at this site you will make money on the deal after shipping) otherwise ....

This weekend only, Shutterfly is offering ONE of three gifts when you enter the promo code TAKEAPICK at checkout! Choose from a free small luggage tag (a $7.99 value), a free set of playing cards (a $19.99 value) OR an 8X10 art print (a $24.99 value).

Sunday, January 10, 2016


I just signed up HERE and earned $5 for me and $5 for TOMMI for the sign up... (referral only)

then you can SHOP ...sort by HIGHEST DISCOUNT!  I got a $25 GC to Charlotte Rouse for $10.50  less my $5.00 so $5.50 for $25.  my particular choice was STORE ONLY and FREE DELIVERY
so if I combine with store discounts and coupon I can REALLY stretch those dollars even further.  

PAY with a Credit Card that earns points that YOU can also redeem for GC when you cash them out...making this a HOME RUN DEAL!

there are many many GREAT DEALS HERE for example if you are wanting to make a purchase at JOURNEY SHOE STORE.. you can get a $200 GC for $130 with the referral $5 added.. 

just about everything you can think of is there!

HOT HOT HOT!!! I just got $150 worth of gently used clothes for under $4 SHIPPED!

#1  GO HERE  <<<< my referral link which you NEED a referral to get this deal
                          $20 will go into your account

#2  CREATE A "COLLECTION" and NAME It ...the link to do this will be on your LEFT once you  complete #1 ...this will give you another $10 in your account

#3  START SHOPPING   (looking for things that DO NOT have this a YELLOW TAG on it)   NO NEW WITH TAGS will allow you to get discount.....

I was able to find a Few things for my youngest Grandson and a couple things for myself.  My biggest frustration about shopping here was the lack of sorting by size... but I took my time and found things in GOOD condition that did not list any "blemishes"  ....

I got several items ...... once you have $60 in your cart CHECK OUT

#4   at check out ... use code: FRIYAY  

#5   if you followed all of the directions above 

^^^you should save 50% and $30...and get 

FREE   shipping.... making your order ZERO or 

what ever  overage you had over $60  -  my order was under  AND $13 of my order went to help a child's charity!

Thank you for placing your order with Schoola! Because of that order, $13.40 went to 5 schools for programs like art, music, physical education and field trips. Brilliantly done!
Schoola Scholars Fund in San Francisco, CA, Granada Elementary in Granada Hills, CA, CSI High School For International Studies in Staten Island, NY and 2 others are among those schools you've helped. Thank you for that!

CHRIS referred me to my deal page so she got $20 

for my purchase as well!

TODAY ONLY FREEBIE ... you choose and pay S&H

#1  go here and sign up / sign in ... first purchase bonus ($5) 
#2  put Shutterfly in the search box and go to the site
#3  upload your favorite photos
#4  newbies get 50 free 4x6 prints ...perfect to put in those graduation invites!
#5 choose one of the 4 offered freebies : to customize with your very own photos......



if you choose to order more with the 40 -50% off sales make them separate purchases and log into Mr. Rebates everytime so you make $$ back on your purchase(s)

Saturday, January 9, 2016


#1  GO HERE and SIGN UP / SIGN IN for 2% back on purchase and newbies earn $5 extra on their first purchase.

#2  search for BEST BUY in the STORE field - click through

#3  search for  "International Chef" and find a COOL make your own Tortillia / crepe machine that was regularly $99 for $49 shipped and earn back a few dollars too.. free shipping needs no code over $39

AWESOME! :)  pay with a card that also gives you rebates and you will have a home run deal!  :)  I can't wait to make some awesome stuff!